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Sounds like 'mock' trompe loeil. I wouldn't invest in it. Reversible is unappealing to me as well.
The band on the hat is about the same height as the trouser cuff. The belt is a little narrower. Wide tie, narrow lapels; the spread collar plays rhythmically against them. This reminds me of how my grandfather and his friends looked, out on the town. They didn't have lots of clothes, but they kept the ones they owned, pressed and prepared. Offhand, but polished.
Interesting too, that similar crimes are committed by people who have not suffered skull injuries, have not indulged in steroid use, and appear not the least bit headed toward a murderous direction. I knew a man who awoke one Saturday, shot his baby daughter and his wife, then drove to his parents' home, slaughtered them, and finally ended his own existence. The Wein murders in Lowell Indiana, were the lead story at CNN, for several days. Absolutely no warning,...
There's a mink chair at Vivre, too.
That coat has a Galanos look, to it. One of my cousins owned a monkey fur hat. I think it was from Lily Dache. Dyed greenish black, trimmed in coq feathers. About Vivre, the current catalogue includes offerings from a number of international names: Naeem Khan, Francisco Costa, Marie Cristophe, Antonio Fusco. There's a page that emphasizes back and navy: 'an instant allusion to YSL.' I've always loved black and navy, together. Perverse and high style. ...
Chances are you'll end up in an air-conditioned environment, correct? Even so, in that heat you're to be commended for dressing up. Chicagoland has been miserable, for the past six weeks or so . . . still in the nineties. Makes it a challenge to look crisp and turned out, for dressy occasions. I think linen would be perfectly acceptable where you'll be. I'm wearing linen, today. Sounds like you have a number of choices that would work fine.
I love tortoise-shell. My mother always wore tortoise-shell sunglasses. My sister owns a black Saint Laurent suit in grain de poudre, with tortoise-shell buttons at each lapel. Worn with a chiffon animal print blouse, from the same line. It is out of this world. The Vivre catalogue is always fun. Some nifty, skull embossed stationery from Assouline. A pair of dress shoes, from Barker and Black Ltd., comes with hand tacked brass skull and crossbones...
^^^ yes. I'm familiar with that song. No Matter What Sign You Are is another stinker from the Supremes, that I enjoy. Love Child is my all time favorite, Motown melodrama. I watched the Supremes debut that song live, on Ed Sullivan. First time I'd seen an 'afro' hairdo on Diana Ross.
Double post. Sorry.
By Myself Fever, sung by Peggy Lee I Just Called to Say I Love You Love Child Holly Holy
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