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I wonder how much longer he can keep that up and when he's going to have to come up with a new gimmick to stay popular. ************************************* To be a formidable fashion designer, is a daunting task. Each collection must be different, while staying faithful to the designer's vision and style. It's natural to ease into a consistency that passes for an insignia. Christian Dior produced strikingly different collections, each season. By the...
Strong, Chase & Sanborn coffee. The first ground coffee to be sold in sealed tins, on both coasts in America. Spicy but smooth.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tengu Best yogurt (available in US)? Fage Total (strained), made in Greece. Hands down... I've never tried it. Thanks for the tip.
I hope you have good luck! There's a Greek cookie, called a kourambiathe. It's a butter cookie, topped with powdered sugar. Outstanding, with yogurt. My grandmother always added some whiskey to her kourambiathes. Baking season is comin' up. I'll have some recipes to post.
quevola, here's a recipe for Greek yogurt.
Are you a fan? If so, which brand of store bought yogurt do you prefer? My grandmother always made her yogurt, at home. Luscious and textural. Especially with honey and nuts, for good measure. Have you ever tried making yogurt? How did it turn out?
^^ I like that. In Greek, we say 'xoriatis, or xoriatisa.' Means 'country bumpkin.'
If you own plenty of overcoats, this one might be fun to own and to accessorize. If you're planning on one, major investment, I'd consider something less conspicuous.
You have many choices available. Personally, I happen to love taupe with navy. Loden green, as well. Depends too, on the shade of the navy. Some navy leans toward indigo/purple, other navy has more green.
I love brown with navy. I love black with navy. Gray and brown mixed, make taupe. My favorite neutral. Experimenting with neutrals can create many intriguing, sometimes offbeat effects.
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