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Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Douchey move. I hope nobody bid on your shit. Didn't really have a choice. Good thing he didnt leave bad feedback
Is it made in China?
I think its time for me to step up into the major leagues. I am looking at Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters. Black Label brand. Would this bring me the slim fit sweater, or is the fit all the same? Normally $600, but can be found on for $225. Whats the call?
Haven't sold yet. I found one bidder, but I was forced to cancel the auction because he placed a bid too low and I feared I would be forced to sell it to him at that price. There was only a day and some hours left on the auction. Then after deleting the auction, I did some research and found that within the last few moments of your auction is when things really get moving. Oh well... I re-listed, but only at a higher price. Lets see how this plays out.
I only prefer a pink shirt or a pink sweater
They had that tie on a while ago. I ordered it. I guess its too late now
I ordered those Ralph Lauren Polos with the Big pony on them. It was $100, $25 more than a regular Polo. I didn't really want to do it, but with the Slim Custom-Fit, the selection was significantly smaller than those of the Big Polo collection. I'll see if I like it, if not i will return it. Please forgive me
I love the polos with the back end longer than the front. I've read on here that some people complain about that... but I like it. Who else? I believe it is called the "tennis tail."
Maybe I need help? But once you get started with this fashion, you cant stop being particular about every thing
Where do you generally like the sleeves to go when you wear a short sleeve t shirt? Is there a thing such as too short?
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