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I'm suprised the $898 sportcoats are only half canvas. I bought two in the 2011 sales that were ~$550 retail that were full canvas. I understand the difference in fabrics, but an interesting differential nevertheless.
I hope they surprise me and add some 40L to the mix. No SCs and a white suit.
Who makes BB's Chukka and Chukka Field boots?
It was midnight last year.
Thanks Despos - I'll go over everything with my man regarding the blades/back and will be sure to take care of the full length of the leg. Appreciate the feedback and will be sure to post again with a couple of other tweaks I may need advice on.
Tailors, I haven't worn this suit very much this year, however I have intended on taking it to the tailor to bring in the thighs for a while now. I took some pictures today to get a full view of what else may need to be adjusted. I'd like some high level comments on other areas, like the shoulder blades for example, so I can fully understand what's going on with this suit on my body. Thanks for the comments and help! Edit: I will add that I had the jacket and...
I haven't seen any narrow feet purchases discussed here on in the other threads, but I'd love some input as I wait for The Armoury to chime in too. I am a 13 A/B on the brannock and I've tried on a 11.5UK double monk on the Inca and Rain lasts (all they had) and they felt great, however I am scouting a couple of pairs on the Simpson, given how narrow it is and it's awesomeness. People have mentioned sticking with the same size the Inca/Rain, or stepping up 0.5. Given my...
I'm on Skoaktiebolaget's site and it seems they have the same taste as me! Thanks for the heads up.
I've emailed her styles and sizes that I would like from their website (not boutique) and have been shot down both times. I'd prefer to buy from Carmina (apparently may not be possible) versus Epaulet, because I'd be looking at ~$400 instead of ~$550.
All I want to do it give Carmina/Betty my money in exchange for a couple pairs of shoes, however at 12UK, this seems to be a problem.
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