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There have been many requests for the cords and I have been told by EG that there will be another production in the near future. I have advised those that have called that I will post when this is close to being complete and start taking pre-orders. This will be on a final sale basis but we take exchanges for size only. Please do not pm me yet. Stay tuned for this post. Thanks! Gary
Alan Paine knitwear is now being made in Madagascar and their Outerwear is still being made in England. We offer there collection and the quality is terrific. I will post some pictures of our offering when I have a moment to do so.
I would like to be there if it was on a week day evening.
Yes, although they would be machine made. I will check with him on hand stitched as an option. I know he could probably do it but will not commit until I inquire. Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey Gary, does your tailor do working buttonholes on sleeves?
Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment and wonder what it would be like to talk to someone you don't know. There are no pick up lines in retailing. Gary
For those who live in the Boston area and want to explore custom shirts, this the time to do so. From October 15th to November 15th you can buy a minimum of two custom shirts with no cutting fee. Outside this period there is a six shirt minimum to avoid this fee. With over three hundred fabrics to choose from starting at $100 to $310.00, you can have it your way.
Gitman Bros. does have wonderful Oxford Cloth. They have TTX Pin Point and Cambridge Oxford which has a wider tooth to the fabric. I have sold Gitman for over 30 years and have found this to be true about their fit but remember that this is sized this way intentionally to allow for sizing that will occur through commercial laundering. Should you do your own shirts, simply wash these in hot water approximately three to four times to perform the sizing that will occur.
Hello fellow forumites, I thought I would jump in here and introduce myself to those who don't know me or Drinkwater's. We are an updated traditional menswear store and we do take in outside alterations. Our tailor is the head tailor of Southwick Clothing who moonlights from his home. He is a master tailor and can perform any tailoring challenge. I do the fitting in the store. Should anyone have any alteration needs or concerns, do not hesitate to call me or stop in....
Very pleased. When you select these items, they show you the smallest piece of fabric and you can only hope that it is a home run when it arrives. Quote: Originally Posted by robin That shawl collar cardigan looks terrific.
Here is a peek at some of our newest knitwear. Picture 1&2- Fisherman out of Ireland, Charcoal Gray Shawl Collar Cardigan in 100% Merino Donegal Wool $295.00 Picture 3&4- Fisherman out of Ireland, Oatmeal w/ Multi Color Argyle in 100% Lambswool $175.00 Picture 5&6- Alan Paine, Teak Button Cardigan in 100% Super Geelong Lambswool $205.00 Picture 7&8- Alan Paine, Ebony/Mushroom Zip Front w/ Pockets in 100% Super Geelong Plated Lambswool $170.00 Picture 9-...
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