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I'm checking their inventory now and will let you know if they have any for you. What size do you need? Quote: Originally Posted by Freddyfisk Any ideas where i can order the NewPort Grey Herringbone Tweed Wool Jacket? Odin has it in brown but i really want the grey...
You can call us. We stock this shirt and we have an XL in stock. Call me Monday after 10am est at 617-547-2067 Thanks! Gary Quote: Originally Posted by glimmertwins Can anyone point me to a place where I would find the chambray workshirt on the right(with the red bottom button) in an XL? Maybe I missed it, but the lists to the stores who stock EG stuff this fall seems to point only to the chambray shirt on the left which doesn't float my boat...
Hey Guys, I just wanted to introduce a friend and new SF member. His name is Bob and his name on SF is Max Coleman. Bob is the person who designed Drinkwater's identity package...Logo, Stationary etc. Bob is a big fan of EG and has a great sense of style. He is already addicted to SF and some of you might already have interacted with him. He is also a very accomplished Drummer. Gary
Thanks for the links to their products. I have contacted the US agent and we are on our way.
^^^^ Half of my blood line is in the UK, the other in Italia.
What I see I like very much. It also has a bit of Paul Costello. Only thing is that there web site sucks. I want to see more.
I have no mediums left in the Red but do have one Grey. I do split the cost 50/50 for international shipments. I have in Red 1/S, 1/L
Your right. They used Centralia if I'm not mistaken. Quote: Originally Posted by robin Hasn't shipped out to stores yet. Last year the knit varsity cardigan arrived last, though I think that was with a different vendor.
We have two of these in Olive in size Small if anyone is interested. Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Anyone seen the cardigan?
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