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We still have one of the Black Photographers Vest w/ Grey Herringbone Lining size Medium. We will offer this in our Sale. Was $325.00 now $195.00.
Gitman has two services that they offer outside the Vintage line. One is a Stock Service which I use often. The selection is good but the fit is not trim but not full either. It works for most people. The other Service is called Perpetual Service with over two hundred fabrics. I can make shirt from these fabrics and customize the bodies to the customers desires. There are a number of collars and cuffs avaiable, with or without pockets. The range for Stock Service is...
I'm wearing mine after one wash, cold water, hang dry. There was no shrinkage at all and they washed well. I can already see some fading on edges and corners which I was hoping would happen. Small is exact 32"
David, I like those. The FW 09 line sheet only lists Indigo over Indigo Denim. Curious? Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete ^^^Gary, maybe they didn't offer it to the US? They're in a blue cotton herringbone: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/c-shack/eg_pt_6/ http://www.northrim.cc/shopping/bran...8683560-406505 http://item.rakuten.co.jp/trois/egworkadaynavypants/ Spring Summer: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/museumnets/10003036/ The blue...
If they did, it was not listed on their line sheet this time or I would have considered it. Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete ^^^Gary, I believe that they make the Workaday Fatigue Pants in a blue herringbone.
I love these pants and would like them in Navy and Tan also. I wish they would make them in those colors. Quote: Originally Posted by JOA ^Looks good, Gary. I like those Fatigue pants.
Thanks! I have the shirt in Small and Large. Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Looking great, JOA and Gary! Gary- you have that 19C BD in Navy, wine, natural madras? What sizes?
Your too kind. I am though known as a drug dealer. Need a fix? Quote: Originally Posted by imightbechad ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Pimp!
I'll add to this seeing that I started it and have never contributed. White Cotton Herringbone BD Popover Olive Cotton "Workaday" Fatigues Sperry Tan Nubuck Boat Shoes Orciani Belt
^ Nice! I still have some of these if anyone is wondering.
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