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Are you being cute? They look like most rear pockets that other affiliates post. Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint back pockets look like mom jeans
The front pockets are low and easy to enter and yes, you are also observant that the coin pocket is larger than normal which makes it more functional than most. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Those are some pretty low-cut front pockets. The coin pocket looks massive.
Hey Guys, I want to introduce a new collection of premium denim from Agave that will spike an interest to those who have in the past found Agave to be as what I heard them be referred to as Dads jeans. This new collection captures all the attributes that one would find in the premium denim market. The fit is a classic slim fit and the denim is raw. I will admit that I am not as learned as most of you are about this quality, styling and fit but my eye tells me that...
FYI Today we received what I believe will be the last shipment for FW 09. We now have; CPO Shirt Jacket Brown Herringbone Window Pane $275.00 1/XS, 2/S, 1/M, 1/L Baker Jacket Brown Herringbone Window Pane $485.00 1/S, 2/M, 1/L, 1/XL
Details magazine in June had an article called "Poorgeoisie" on the spending habits of the younger generation which typified them as "Dressing like Hobo's but spending like Millionaires". I found it an interesting read and also reflected upon my youth which was exposed by bucking the establishment with Non-Conformist attire. This was the beginning of the denim revolution which has led to a overwhelming trend of dressing down to exhibit the class warfare. It's amazing to me...
If anyone is interested. We have the Work Shirt in size Small in the fabric of the second shirt on the first page. It is the fabric of the top section of this shirt. Quote: Originally Posted by bathtime Some Japanese guy showing how he rolls... http://mistercrew.com/blog/2009/05/1...-daiki-suzuki/
$275.00 w/ free shipping stateside. Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 how much is the CPO jacket
FYI We will be receiving the Baker in Brown Herringbone Window Pane next week. The sizes will be 1/S, 2/M, 1/L, 1/XL and the price will be $485.00 w/ free shipping. I also reordered the CPO Shirt Jacket in Brown Herringbone Window Pane in all sizes including 1/XS. Thanks! Gary
The only Workaday items that are available to me are the 19th Century Button Down in White Oxford, Blue Oxford, Blue and White Candy Stripe Oxford, Red and White Candy Stripe Oxford. These will be available from us on a special order basis. The price will be $175.00 shipped. Quote: Originally Posted by dixonmanor So, any word on more Workaday stuff? I like what I see, but would prefer not to order from overseas.
Robin, I'm waiting for an inventory that I will have first dibs on. Quote: Originally Posted by robin Gary, Do you know if they still have any other unsold leftover inventory that they haven't yet shipped to Japan?
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