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If you are looking for a Warm, Dry, Wind Resistant coat, you should really consider their Melton Wool. We have the Navy Melton Field Parka.
Thanks! I'm holding it for you. Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk Cool! I'll call the store tomorrow in the AM, I'll take it.
Yes! Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk Gary, Do you have an L left in Baker jacket above? Eck
^^^ Very nice fit. Looks great! Thanks again. Gary
Hey Guys, I really want to make sure everybody gets a Look Book that asked for one. If you PM me with this request today or beyond, you must give me your name and address. This will not be a guarantee that you'll get one because of the limited supply but I will try to please. Thanks in advance for your understanding. Gary
Hey Guys, I finally received the Look Books and will be working on stuffing, addressing and stamping these over the next few days. I only received forty so I will work from the first requests till I'm out. If you do not receive one I'm sorry. If more come available, you'll be sure to get one. Thanks! Gary
Bird Shooter Jacket F94374 Khaki Nyco Ripstop w/ Brown Herringbone Wool F94375 Navy Nyco Ripstop w/ Grey Herringbone Wool F94376 Black Nyco Ripstop w/ Grey Herringbone Wool Field Parka F94588 Dark Navy Melton Wool (Our Selection) F94586 Grey Whipcord Wool F94578 Black Wool Serge
I will post these this morning when I get to work. Quote: Originally Posted by botfc Gary, would it be possible to know in what color/material were the Field Parka and the Bird Shooter made in? Also, Timpoblete, if you could provide stockists for those two jackets, it'd be really appreciated. Thanks again for all the info guys.
Oh man, that will be hard to describe because I am King when it comes to Flannels in solids and Check/Plaids. So many different companies. As they arrive, I will post pictures of them. OK! Thanks Gary Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle What various flannel shirts are you getting in for F/W?
I have one for you. If anyone else is interested, I can get 1/XS, 1/S, 2/M. Call me right away before they are gone. Quote: Originally Posted by Freddyfisk Ah, Gary i emailed you about ten minutes before i posted here ;-) i need a small!
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