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We have the Blue / Gold Madras in size Small. Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle Is anyone still carrying any of the workshirts? in size small...
Not that I am aware of but I think Robin posted some pics up in the S/S 09 thread. Items that Bureau had purchased. I will check with Angelo about Pics. If he has something, you can be sure that I will bring them to you. I know that there are some pics of the Fatigue pant floating around but right now I do not have the time to go looking for them. Anyone!
Hey Guys, I thought I would start this thread on Workaday because it might get missed in the standard EG thread. I have decided to start the Workaday program which will be an ongoing selection of items being offered by EG under this label. We are going to start slow with this and build as I see interest. We will start with the Olive Fatigue Pant in sizes XS/30, S/32, M/34, L/36.They will be $185.00 w/ free shipping in USA. I have ordered a fair amount of these seeing...
Viyella feels like Cotton Flannel and with Wool has the extra warmth that Cotton doesn't give. Melton, I cannot remember the exact quality of the fabric but I'm sure Daiki has not gone away from his source. Again, do not remember the lining. Look Books should be here soon and I will post them as soon as I get them. Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Gary, Thanks for the info on the Viyella. Since it's a cotton/wool blend, how is the...
David, There are no solid colors. However, they are using Vi yel la in Classic Shirt. F90420 Brown Window Pane Cotton Viyella F90421 Black Window Pane Cotton Viyella Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete ^^^Gary, are the plaid 19th BD Shirts the only shirts made using the Viyella? Did they have the Viyella in a solid color?
FYI I have ordered the Workaday Olive Fatigue pant in sizes XS/30, S/32, M/34, L/36. I have ordered a fair amount of these and will be receiving them most likely next week. At the moment, I am the only source for these in the US. If you are interested in this pant, give me a call. They will be $185.00
It is spelled Viyella. My bad spelling. Sorry! Quote: Originally Posted by nairb49 Don't they have an appointment to the Queen?
Newport F95187 Navy Serge Wool F95164 Brown Herringbone Window Pane Tweed Wool F95177 Grey Herringbone Tweed Wool Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B awesome, thanks gary and robin!
I would answer your questions but I have been off the last two days. I will let you know tomorrow. Promise! Quote: Originally Posted by robin In the pictures online it's identified as the Newport jacket. No idea on what fabrics will be available, but maybe Gary can help with that. I'm curious about it too.
Thanks David, It was so difficult to chose this season because everything is great. When you walk around the showroom, you start picking all this stuff you really want and then comes the edit. There is only so much you can buy because of space, dollars and not being greedy. I will say that we are happy with what we got and how it will merchandise with all the other brands we carry. Vyella. It is a cloth and a brand. Vyella is a combination of cotton and wool. The...
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