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Every person I've sold this to has looked great in it. You have to wear this jacket as though it was a shirt. It has that shirt jacket appeal to it. Madras... This is the confidence thing I've talked about. Just like anything new, it takes that one leap over the wall of intimidation and your there. It's so pleasant on the other side. . Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 God, I have such a love/hate relationship with that madras baker jacket...
Officially on the 15th but will keep certain pieces out and reduced till I need the space. I know this will sound like salesman speak but don't wait if you have your heart set on something. I've seen things sell out in a day. Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Gary, When does the sale end?
I want to jump in here because I think that I can cure some of the dilemmas that one might have by merging designers / looks together and not look like a bag of balloons. When I got into this business in the late 70's there was a confluence of designers vying for the spot light but two many were too special. Armani, Versace, Montana, Ferre in one camp, Lauren, Ellis, Julian in another and people like Westwood and Paul Smith sneaking in. These are just to name a few but...
Yes, I see this as a perfect fall / early winter piece. Layered over a light merino or cashmere sweater with your pin wale cords of course. Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B gary, do you think the olive bedford could be worn into the fall and winter? with layering of course. one jacket i've yet to see in person.
Just thought I'd Bump this up. We still have some great stuff!
Kendall Jacket F94275 Navy Nico Ripstop w/ Worsted Herringbone Wool Lining F94276 Black Nico Ripstop w/ Worsted Glen Plaid Wool Lining F94267 Brown Cotton Corduroy w/ Brown Herringbone Wool Lining F94286 Grey Whipcord Wool w/ Grey Herringbone Wool Lining Quote: Originally Posted by HuggyGiraffe Hi everybody. I was wondering about the Kendall jacket. I read that it will come back in this AW 09 collection and I can see it on the EG website...
For those of you who might have missed this, we still have a few pairs of Olive Fatigues left. 1/ XS=30, 1/S=32, 1/L=36
Our return policy is; Regular priced merchandise - full credit if returned in original condition, with receipt and with tags within seven days of purchase. Merchandise credit thereafter. Sale Priced merchandise - Final Sale or exchange for merchandise of equal or greater value. For out of state purchases, we extend the return time by seven days. Return shipping costs are not refunded unless the merchandise is defective. Quote: Originally Posted...
FYI Our official in store Sale starts tomorrow July 23rd to our local customer base. If you were considering anything in our SS collections from EG, now is the time to act. Thanks! Gary
Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to see either line but have arranged that for another time. Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Thanks, Gary. Don't forget the Chimala and Post O'alls photos too
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