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We start at Small to X Large. Quote: Originally Posted by SLAB did you get size XS or S in that sweetbear jacket?
FYI Today we received two of three coats we will have from Post O'Alls. These coats are must haves. We received; Sweetbear / Grey Donegal Tweed / $475.00 Cruzer / Forest Green Wool Melton / $425.00 Mattalini2 / Navy Donegal Tweed Quilt Coat will be here in a few weeks.
I thought I would post this here because I think this is fitting for the Streetwear Culture set but it will probably get moved. Kevin Cyr showed his body of work in our first showing of local artist in our store. His new Camper-Kart Project is very cool and thought I would share. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...r-kart-project. You can see his other work at www.kevincyr.net He'll be showing it tonight, Saturday, October 3 at FEAST. 129 Russell Street, Brooklyn,...
None. Sorry! Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Hey Gary- What scarves and ties do you have in stock?
Hey Guys, I just spoke with EG. In the Broad pant, they have available 1/28, 1/30, 1/32. If any of these sizes work for you call me. Now!
In regards to the button, I could not adjust mine either without them being to tight. I moved the button over which was pretty easy. We still have 1/XS, 1/S, 1/L
Fok, There are many choices of denim in this collection and I'm sure there are heavier ounce weights. This one is the one that appealed to me. As I said, when the pictures of the fabrics become available, I will post them with the pertinent information about each. Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I don't really see any problem with the back pockets, or the design in general. My issue is that they are in such light denim. 10 ounces is...
The pockets are large but seem no larger than the 3sixteen and placed similarly. Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce I believe he is sincere. The pockets are indeed huge (and set really low) and the jeans, while nice in some respects, still have a heavy dad vibe.
I will have better pics of the entire collection soon. I think that my pics did not do the jeans justice. I think you guys are pre judging based on a previous bias.
OK! Move on. Quote: Originally Posted by shaftoe
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