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We are now offering our Spring-Summer Engineered Garments collections ON SALE at 40% off. This sale will continue on until we start our regular summer sale which starts at the end of the month. As always, all sales are final and shipping is not included. Please call us at 617-547-2067. Thanks, Gary
FYI, Angelo advised me that the Olive Fatigue Pants that I ordered would be shipped to me on the 6th, so on the 7th I should have them. Anyone that ordered other items from this collection, they should also be part of this order. If anyone wants something, now is the time to cough because the rest is being sent to Japan. Please do not PM me. Call me at 617-547-2067 or if you must, PM me your phone # and I will call you back. Thanks! Gary
TIVOLI SONG BOOK TRAVEL RADIO / GREEN New in Box / Tivoli Song Book Travel Radio / Green $175.00 PM me if interested
TIVOLI MODEL ONE / M1BLU COBALT- CHERRY New in Box / Tivoli Model One AM/FM Table Radio. $175.00 PM me if interested
Rare Cullingford of Chelsea Eua De Toilette. New ( Not used) in Boxes. I have not been able to find these anywhere and believe that they are very old and the company does not exist any longer. 50g. 1.76OZ English Lavender Eau De Toilette Spray 50g. 1.76 OZ English Violets Eau De Toilette Spray I will take $100.00 each PM me if interested.
I have two bottles of Rare Victoria's Secret English After Shave. These are used but still in boxes. I have not been able to locate them anywhere for sale, so they must be very old. Made in England. Boxes say Authorized Purveyors, Victoria's Secret, English Perfume and Toiletries, No 10, Margaret Street, London, W1 3.4 OZ 100ml Pemberton After Shave 4/5 of a bottle 3.4 OZ 100ml Windsor Fern After Shave 2/3 of a bottle. I will take $25.00 each. PM me if...
I have two bottles of discontinued and hard to find Abercrombie & Fitch Colognes. These are New (Not opened or used) in original boxes. On Ebay they have been selling for $150.00 and up. 3.4 FL.OZ-100ml Hedges Cologne Spray 3.4 FL.OZ-100ml Woods Cologne Pour SOLD Asking $100.00 each PM me if you are interested.
These brushes are very old but never used. It appears that some of these shapes are not made any longer. The one on the far right is Ebony. These sell new for approx. $195.00 I will sell for $75.00 each
For Sale- Four Vintage-Peal-Made for Brooks Brothers Travel Kits. These have never been used. For the most part they are in great condition and could use some leather cream to freshen them up. Two are Calf Skin and two are Pig Skin. I am pricing these on the high end because I know they are rare and as far as I know not produced any longer. I would say they are circa Late 50's to early 60's. From Left to right Image 1 & 2 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 2 3/4" / Calf Skin /...
Page 3 of this thread and I think page 18 of the SS 08 thread. Quote: Originally Posted by mikey34 drink- probably a stupid question but I haven't been following this thread.... is there a site where I can check out pictures of the stock you have left?
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