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$275.00 w/ free shipping stateside. Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 how much is the CPO jacket
FYI We will be receiving the Baker in Brown Herringbone Window Pane next week. The sizes will be 1/S, 2/M, 1/L, 1/XL and the price will be $485.00 w/ free shipping. I also reordered the CPO Shirt Jacket in Brown Herringbone Window Pane in all sizes including 1/XS. Thanks! Gary
The only Workaday items that are available to me are the 19th Century Button Down in White Oxford, Blue Oxford, Blue and White Candy Stripe Oxford, Red and White Candy Stripe Oxford. These will be available from us on a special order basis. The price will be $175.00 shipped. Quote: Originally Posted by dixonmanor So, any word on more Workaday stuff? I like what I see, but would prefer not to order from overseas.
Robin, I'm waiting for an inventory that I will have first dibs on. Quote: Originally Posted by robin Gary, Do you know if they still have any other unsold leftover inventory that they haven't yet shipped to Japan?
A few have asked that I post pics of the Tab Collar Shirt in Black Chambray, so here they are. Additionally, I was able to reorder the Brown Herringbone Window Pane CPO shirt, therefore we will be reloaded including 1/XS.
I would keep e-mailing but don't call. Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B Hey timpo, do.you use any special email when you have requests for eg? I'm trying to get a timely answer to my email to no avail. Does anyone have a number a might be able to call? Gary? in the interim, anyone interested in a size m newport in navy wool serge get back to me asap. What I paid, shipped. Sorry I don't recall the price but I was about 420.
I received today a special order for a Workaday 19th Century BD in Blue Oxford size medium but forgot to note who ordered it. Spaced out on this and if you did, whomever, please contact me. If I do not hear from anybody on this, it is up for grabs. $ 225.00 Thanks! Gary
Just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm back from vacation and all pre-orders are out the door. I have a few more CPO shirts left 1/S, 1/M, 1/XL and I have all sizes in the Black Chambray Tab Collar Shirt. The Chambray on this shirt reminds me of the Vintage Chambray used a few seasons back.
Wow!!!!! I'm very sad to hear this. They were very true to their customer base and it is a shame that they couldn't pull through this time we are experiencing. I wish the best for them and hope that you all support their departure. My best wishes go out to them. Sincerely. Gary Drinkwater Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete ^^^Unfortunately, yes.
Someone tell me what this farewell sale means. Are they going out of business? Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 FYI: Hejfina just began their Farewell Sale. ALl new items (including EG) 25% off.
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