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19th Century Button Down F90101 White Polka Dot Dobbie Cloth F90102 Black Polka Dot Dobbie Cloth F90103 Brown Stripe Ivory Broadcloth F90104 Black Stripe Ivory Broadcloth F90105 Blue Chambray Cloth F90106 Black Chambray Cloth F90107 Blue and Green Plaid Cotton Vyella ( Our Selection ) F90108 Brown and Tan Plaid Cotton Vyella F90109 Red Plaid Cotton Flannel F90110 Black Plaid Cotton Flannel F90111 Red Polka Dot on Black Cotton Corduroy Work Shirt F90505...
No one has received them because I haven't. I will get them out as soon as............Promise! Gary Quote: Originally Posted by JMK Did anyone receive the F/W 09 booklets?
I did not buy any of their plaids other that the 19th Century Blue and Green Plaid Vyella. They were a bit to bright for us. Quote: Originally Posted by thats.mana Will you have this Gary?
I'm sorry to say that it does not come in the fabric. Here are the fabrics they did make it in; F95368 Blue Wool Denim F95369 Grey Wool Denim F95367 Brown Cotton Corduroy F95361 Charcoal Glen Plaid Quilted Worsted Wool F95362 Charcoal Herringbone Quilted Worsted Wool F95378 Black Wool Serge As you guys know, I am always available to give you all the information I possess or can get for you. I don't ever mind measuring, find others who carry something we don't...
David, They are not because one is made of wool and the other is made of cotton. I did check with Angelo though and he confirmed this. They do though look the same, although the cotton fabric design looks a bit larger. Hope this is helpful. Gary Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Gary, Is the Grey Wool Jersey in the Shawl Collar Cardigan you have the same fabric as in the Grey Diamond Cotton Jersey Robe in the pick at the...
P2P 21" Shoulder 18 1/2" Sleeve inseam 19" Length 30" I did not order XS in this coat and only have one size SMALL. Our size scale is; 1/S, 2/M, 2/L, 1/XL Quote: Originally Posted by Chip Gary, May I have measurements of the wool parka in size small. Did you order this in an xs? Thanks!
Small 25 1/2" Medium 26" Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Gary, can you give me them from the shoulder? Thanks.
Those measurements are from the pit. Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete 21" for small and 22" for medium. I think that these were taken from the pit to the sleeve though, judging by the short length.
Is not but you will not need one with this fabric. Guaranteed! Quote: Originally Posted by irbe Don't suppose the Field Parka is lined in the body by any chance?
Hey Guys, Olive Fatigues are here. I will be calling all of you who requested a pair. Thanks! Gary
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