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It is spelled Viyella. My bad spelling. Sorry! Quote: Originally Posted by nairb49 Don't they have an appointment to the Queen?
Newport F95187 Navy Serge Wool F95164 Brown Herringbone Window Pane Tweed Wool F95177 Grey Herringbone Tweed Wool Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B awesome, thanks gary and robin!
I would answer your questions but I have been off the last two days. I will let you know tomorrow. Promise! Quote: Originally Posted by robin In the pictures online it's identified as the Newport jacket. No idea on what fabrics will be available, but maybe Gary can help with that. I'm curious about it too.
Thanks David, It was so difficult to chose this season because everything is great. When you walk around the showroom, you start picking all this stuff you really want and then comes the edit. There is only so much you can buy because of space, dollars and not being greedy. I will say that we are happy with what we got and how it will merchandise with all the other brands we carry. Vyella. It is a cloth and a brand. Vyella is a combination of cotton and wool. The...
I am considering that pant, however Pin Wale five pocket jeans have not been a great success in this store. I'll get a pair for you though. Quote: Originally Posted by Oxnard Hey Gary I dunno if you are doing pre orders for anything for fall, but for Workaday, I know you don't have your selection picked out, but I will pay 100% in advance for some red corduroys if at all possible. Let me know.
Baker F94971 Olive Reverse Cotton Sateen F94972 Navy Cotton Whipcord F94987 Navy Serge Wool F94977 Grey Herringbone Tweed Wool ( Our Selection ) F94964 Brown Herringbone Window Pane Tweed Wool Bedford F95079 British Khaki Cotton Herringbone Sateen F95080 Olive Cotton Herringbone Sateen F95081 Navy Ctton Herringbone Sateen F95087 Navy Serge Wool F95055 Brown & Green Argyle Wool F95056 Navy & Grey Argyle Wool F95057 Black & Grey Argyle...
I'll let you know tomorrow. I'm home now after a brutal day but profitable never the less. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 What fabrics are the Bedford and Baker jacket going to be coming in this fall?
I do not think the Baker Jacket is lined. It is as you've suggested. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Is the Baker jacket lined? It seems like a cross between the Bedford and Andover.
I have not ordered anything as of yet but will be ordering the Fatigue pant in olive for sure. Maybe some Hoodies. Quote: Originally Posted by robin Yes.
WA Field Jacket F94487 Navy Wool Serge F94486 Grey Whipcord Wool F94467 Brown Cotton Corduroy CPO Shirt Jacket F93078 Black Wool Serge F93064 Brown Herringbone Window Pane Tweed Wool F93077 Grey Herringbone Tweed Wool In regards to Workaday, are you asking what I have ordered? Quote: Originally Posted by robin Gary, Do you know what different fabrics that the WA Field Jacket and CPO Shirt Jacket will be available in? And are there any updates on...
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