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There is no listing of weight on the line sheet but I would say it's a bit heavier than the Chambray. We do have that shirt available.
@ferrari909 No, it will be fine on a hanger.
Sorry, only Medium > XLarge
Not yet @mbaum. Should be any day now.
Not only was I implying that the comments are moot but your criticism conveys a bashing of a brand. i.e., your comments about the use of plastic buttons on the work shirt. Criticism should elicit a positive outcome but you seem to want to promote abandonment. I don't own this forum but I know the person who does and he would say, come here to share knowledge and have fun. Don't be a Party Pooper!
May I ask who solicited your opinion and why you thought anyone would care to have it, HERE!
We have this S > XL
FYI Restock of Bedford in Brown Homespun placed. Get your preorders into us ASAP. S > L Thanks! Gary
New Posts  All Forums: