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Fabric is always a factor!
So, let me set something straight with this. 6 divided by $100 = $16.6 the factory makes. Lets say there was two extra hours of work and the markup of 2.4 from cost of $40.00, we're paying that worker / craftsperson $10.00 an hour. Are you comfortable with that? Quite frankly, I think there is most likely an hours extra work and at that quotient, I'm satisfied that they can eat. I hope this makes sense.
Cost is not an arbitrary decision. However, after reading the NYT's T magazine yesterday, a Jill Sander T Neck for $850 makes me wonder. Every aspect of construction has a task factor that builds cost in labor. Every garment has a yield factor that builds cost in raw materials. And as @mbaum suggested, when you run larger quantities through production, cost does go down. I'll make no excuses for price but having garments sustain 12 years of wear and with lots of life...
Not sure what you are using for wool but stay away from Woolite. Contains bleaching agents . We recommend and sell Eucalan
I'm going to shed some advice here that your Mother didn't tell you about detergent. Many today have additives, perfumes, softeners and brighteners. The brighteners are the evil additive that you should stay far away from. These are what they call "Bleach Alternatives" and they will strip down dark colors and literally wash out the color. Only use the basic detergents without any of these "Additives".Additionally, remember to always turn your clothing inside out so that...
FYI Today we received; F5A0946 / Banded Collar Shirt / Green/Black Small Check XS > XL F5B0556 / Shawl Collar Knit C/D / Black/Grey Stripe Jersey XS > XL
FYI Relish in Georgetown is the creation of Nancy Pearlstein, daughter of the late Murray Pearlstein of Louis Boston. Nancy, like her father is one of the most talented merchants I know.
FYI Today we recieved; F5A0739 / Western Shirt / Dark Navy Micro Dot Dobby S > XL F5D0287 / CPO Shirt / Dark Grey Pattern Block Herringbone S > XL F5D18103 / Barn Jacket / Multi Color Block Herringbone M > XL F5H08103 / Button Shawl / Multi Color Block Herringbone F5H0884 / Button Shawl / Brown 13oz Wool Flannel F5H0885 / Button Shawl / Black / Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe F5H0887 / Button Shawl / Dark Grey Pattern Block Herringbone As you know, the Shawls are...
F5D111113 / Navy 8 Wale CorduroyF5D111114 / Black 8 Wale CorduroyF5D11102 / Navy Uniform SergeF5D1185 / Black / Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe ( Our Buy )F5D11111 / Grey Wool Bedford Cord
Here you go; Cinch Pant F5F0170 / Dark Navy 8.5oz Chino Twill F5F0171 / Black 8.5oz Chino Twill F5F0172 / Dark Navy Worsted Wool Flannel F5F0173 / Charcoal Worsted Flannel F5F0174 / Black Worsted Flannel
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