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I'll pop in here and give my comment without being overly convoluted. Over the years I've observed many inflicted aberrations of "designers" inspirations that crosses the line of what is in the spirit of the design esthetic. Sometimes leaving a overly cosmetic disaster. As most have stated. the small on you is the correct fit and the sleeve length is good. In future washes, you'll probably lose a little more. We see shrink abate after 3 > 4 ( hot ) washes. Very nice...
@Drinkwater's is the Authorized Paraboot Repair Service in North America. www.drinkwaterscambridge.com
Our pleasure!MediumP2P 20"Shoulder 17"Sleeve inseam 20"Length 25"LargeP2P 21"Shoulder 18"Sleeve inseam 20 1/2"Length 25 1/2'Keep in mind that this fabric is very stretchy.Shipping to Canada shouldn't be more than $20 and we will split that cost with you 50/50.
Sorry, we do not stock that article. Good luck!
Yes we do! We share the cost of shipping 50/50. For anyone who wants to do business with us internationally, we ask that you send us your information via email to gary@drinkwaterscambridge.com or sreyes@drinkwaterscambridge.com Include your name, address, phone# and credit card# including expiration date. Split the credit card information into two separate emails for security purposes. You can also send us a PM with this same info. We ship USPS first class but if you want...
We have one for you!
The inspiration of the Engineered Garments brand is born from aspects of functionality in workwear, military and other forms of costume. The authentic Fatigue had a drawstring bottom to allow cinching around the top of a commando boot. Daiki included this feature on his Fatigues without laces.
I'd say the small would be the right size for you. The Bedford is not designed to be worn like a tailored jacket, so boxier is better and in the fall you will be able to layer. Here are some pics that I think best represent a correct fit.
I think these are both great jackets. The tan is a quintessential article for summertime, it just evokes that Trad classic look. However, the olive has a longer shelf life whereby you can break this out sooner in the year and wear it straight into Fall. Another thing to consider is that if you are of a darker complexion like this dude, this tan jacket will work well but if you are fair in complexion it probably will wash you out unless you wear darker colored shirting...
Hey Guys and Gals, Drinkwater's / Engineered Garments was a featured editorial for some of our SS 15 selections by Metropolitan Society. The shoot took place on Revere Beach, America's first public beach http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revere_Beach Stephen & Jerry have become close friends to us and these two young guys are cooking up something really good with there blog http://www.metropolitansociety.co We hope you will follow...
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