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I would not suggest that Engineered Garments (or any other like brand) is TOO expensive. It is a commodity that is a need in a clothed world. As @blue peter suggested, subjective and I will say attainable to those who have not trounced on the notion that nothing should be attained at full price. To some, it's a game to win over the maker/provider but surely there is little regard for their craft.
Ladies & Gentlemen, May we say Thank You for your support this past season. This time of year is a time for reflection, unmasked and honest. Subjective as that may be, we hope your energy of hope for peace prevails. From Friday November 27th to the close of day on Monday, November 30th, ALL Engineered Garments items in our store will be 30% off. ALL SALES are FINAL and we will charge for shipping. If you have a measurement question, it's best you refer to a site that...
Here's an inspiration worn by Steven
Quality remains the same. Fit varies, such as the Fatigues. Has more of a relaxed vibe. 19th century BD is the same fit as main line. Originally conceived as a core product offering but cannot comment on its present concept.
Great article here with an EG mention at the end. .
The shirt is perfect!
I think you look rather terrific!
Ken, Bring in your articles at any time.
I have!
I have a gently worn Brooks Brothers Duffle Coat circa 1960's. Size 42. $175.00 Shoulder 22" Chest 25" Sleeve Inseam 16" Length from below Collar 43". I also have available, the same coat in Navy.
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