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FYI Today we received; F5A0946 / Banded Collar Shirt / Green/Black Small Check XS > XL F5B0556 / Shawl Collar Knit C/D / Black/Grey Stripe Jersey XS > XL
FYI Relish in Georgetown is the creation of Nancy Pearlstein, daughter of the late Murray Pearlstein of Louis Boston. Nancy, like her father is one of the most talented merchants I know.
FYI Today we recieved; F5A0739 / Western Shirt / Dark Navy Micro Dot Dobby S > XL F5D0287 / CPO Shirt / Dark Grey Pattern Block Herringbone S > XL F5D18103 / Barn Jacket / Multi Color Block Herringbone M > XL F5H08103 / Button Shawl / Multi Color Block Herringbone F5H0884 / Button Shawl / Brown 13oz Wool Flannel F5H0885 / Button Shawl / Black / Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe F5H0887 / Button Shawl / Dark Grey Pattern Block Herringbone As you know, the Shawls are...
F5D111113 / Navy 8 Wale CorduroyF5D111114 / Black 8 Wale CorduroyF5D11102 / Navy Uniform SergeF5D1185 / Black / Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe ( Our Buy )F5D11111 / Grey Wool Bedford Cord
Here you go; Cinch Pant F5F0170 / Dark Navy 8.5oz Chino Twill F5F0171 / Black 8.5oz Chino Twill F5F0172 / Dark Navy Worsted Wool Flannel F5F0173 / Charcoal Worsted Flannel F5F0174 / Black Worsted Flannel
For those who might be interested in H&K's older trim fit model, we will be clearing our inventory of H&K in our upcoming Summer Sale which starts on July 25th. You can send us a PM with your size and we will reply with pictures of what we have available for you. Thanks!
Shop CoatF5D05115 / Indigo 11oz Broken DenimF5D0586 / Dark Navy 16oz Wool FlannelF5D05110 / Black Wool Cashmere FlannelThat's it!
We're not familiar with past seasons. This fabric is very nice though.
Moleskin is a felted cotton fabric https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moleskin
FYI First drop! We received; F5A0638 / Work Shirt / Grey Houndstooth Flannel XS > XL F5B0664 / Shawl Collar Knit Jacket / Dark Grey Cable Knit M > XL ( we only ordered one of each size ) F5D0697 / Bedford Jacket / Olive Moleskin XS > XL
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