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Here's an inspiration worn by Steven
Quality remains the same. Fit varies, such as the Fatigues. Has more of a relaxed vibe. 19th century BD is the same fit as main line. Originally conceived as a core product offering but cannot comment on its present concept.
Great article here with an EG mention at the end. . http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/how-japan-copied-american-culture-and-made-it-better-180950189/#Kjlve9uEgrh68hUM.99
The shirt is perfect!
I think you look rather terrific!
Ken, Bring in your articles at any time.
I have!
I have a gently worn Brooks Brothers Duffle Coat circa 1960's. Size 42. $175.00 Shoulder 22" Chest 25" Sleeve Inseam 16" Length from below Collar 43". I also have available, the same coat in Navy.
I've got some Older CP garments to sell. Any collectors, please contact me.
Drinkwater's FW 15 selections from Creep are in stock and available S > XL Wool Shawl Collar Deck Jacket Cotton Oil Coated Bomber Jacket Double Face Cotton Officer Shirt Wool Point Collar Shirt Donegal Wool Zip-Up Cardigan
New Posts  All Forums: