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I would say it fits more like the Bedford where there is little taper and more of a tubular fit. However double breasted jackets are always a fit that feels a little bit roomier. For those that want more suppression, that could be done with tailoring.
Thank you Sir!
Hello Guys & Gals, Today we received the much anticipated Dexter Jacket / Black/Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe S > XL $530.00 This picture does not do much justice to the rich jewel tones this fabrics possess. Better pictures to come.
As @Ken P stated no need to shorten from the shoulder. Additionally, if a jacket has functioning button holes (which the Bedford does not), you would need to shorten from the shoulder. A jacket like the Bedford without sleeve vent should only be $30 > 40. With your arms by your side, measurement should be 4 > 4 1/4" from end of thumb.
We always offer XS and XL. We also have those sizes available "ON SALE' as part of our Summer Sale. Ask us for an additional 10% off and we'll probably say OHKAY. The link to our sale items is in the SS15 thread.
Fabric is always a factor!
So, let me set something straight with this. 6 divided by $100 = $16.6 the factory makes. Lets say there was two extra hours of work and the markup of 2.4 from cost of $40.00, we're paying that worker / craftsperson $10.00 an hour. Are you comfortable with that? Quite frankly, I think there is most likely an hours extra work and at that quotient, I'm satisfied that they can eat. I hope this makes sense.
Cost is not an arbitrary decision. However, after reading the NYT's T magazine yesterday, a Jill Sander T Neck for $850 makes me wonder. Every aspect of construction has a task factor that builds cost in labor. Every garment has a yield factor that builds cost in raw materials. And as @mbaum suggested, when you run larger quantities through production, cost does go down. I'll make no excuses for price but having garments sustain 12 years of wear and with lots of life...
Not sure what you are using for wool but stay away from Woolite. Contains bleaching agents . We recommend and sell Eucalan http://www.eucalan.com/
I'm going to shed some advice here that your Mother didn't tell you about detergent. Many today have additives, perfumes, softeners and brighteners. The brighteners are the evil additive that you should stay far away from. These are what they call "Bleach Alternatives" and they will strip down dark colors and literally wash out the color. Only use the basic detergents without any of these "Additives".Additionally, remember to always turn your clothing inside out so that...
New Posts  All Forums: