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Fatigue ShortS6E0448 / Indigo Cotton Dungaree ClothS6E0483 / Grey Broken ChambrayS6E0481 / Black 7.5 oz DenimS6E0482 / Indigo 8 oz Cone DenimS6E0474 / White 20's Cotton TwillS6E0476 / Beige 20's Cotton TwillS6E0478 / Dark Navy 20's Cotton TwillS6E04140 / Olive Cotton Ripstop (our buy)S6E04122 / Khaki 14W CorduroyS6E04104 / Navy/Gold Daisy PrintCamp ShirtS6A0703 / White Floral DamaskS6A0727 / White Small Polka Dot LawnS6A0728 / Navy Small Polka Dot LawnS6A0729 / White...
We do closet clean outs and consultations for our customers, most on in age. In the process we discover those old friends that we would never give up to charity or the waste basket. They tell us stories and remind us of times gone by and sometimes we sport them for old times sake, that is, if we can still zip them up.
You might be out of luck with pants. Their scale goes like this XS=28, S=30, M=32, L=34, XL=36. In my experience with EG, I have never seen an XXL in pants. For XXl in jackets, sometimes Bureau Belfast has some.
It's remarkable that you refer to me that way, for most think I'm a "Good Shit". I'm not sure if your trajectory to me/us of unwarranted insults is due to not providing you with the service and advice I believe we have given you, then we're sorry we failed you. I believe our last transaction ended when after we provided you with multiple measurements, answered numerous PM's, held product out of stock for days, that then you decided not to purchase those items because we...
Yup! He's been there since the beginning.
That's Tod at EG.
Eric, We will be posting better pictures soon. The Loiter Jacket is a light jacket, unconstructed and made of a knit like material. In regards to comparison between Bedford and Loiter, Bedford has more construction, presents like a Sport Jacket and Loiter is more of a knitwear piece.
Bla, Bla, Bla! I told myself, be good, don't fight and what's the use. Quite frankly, you are the perfect definition of "A Troll". Who knows, it's a talent I guess. You've obviously come here to pick a fight, get the hair on some to rise and maybe even discourage the newbies here who have just reached their wardrobe heaven, so to speak. Over 40 pieces and a few dangling threads, come on man. Can't you lend some of your "profound" knowledge on us instead of knit picking...
First off, we're stockist but if you go here you'll find a list of stockists.
That button hole would have one point of attachment for a removable collar.
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