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EG is really good about any issues with their product. I would call the Nepenthes store and let them know what has happened and they will advise where to send it for repair. Most likely, directly to them.
I also agree that the combination is good and classic. You just need to get the dimple in the tie beneath the knot.
Hey Guys and Gals, Thought you'd be interested in some eye candy. We styled this editorial for a local blog called Metropolitan Society. We are very pleased with the outcome. Enjoy! http://www.metropolitansociety.co/engineered-garments-editorial-for-drinkwaters-cambridge Gary
We have one size small available in Brown. 617-547-2067
Steven and I in EG today.
Engineered Garments rarely has any surplus and this case we were fortunate to have the ability to make some. A few left, but not for long. Thanks to all who were patient for this last minute cutting!
Depending on the quality of the fiber used to weave this diagonal twill it is most often used in dress apparel. Heavier twills were primarily used for uniforms for they held their crease and deflected biting wind in cooler temperatures.
Universal Works for FW 14 brings an array of unique fabrics in their older standards that have defined the brand. Be it the Baker Jacket or our favorite the Tarleton, this collection has evolved to be a standout amongst a field of urban workwear designers. "Universal Works aims to mix the great British clothing heritage with a modern, more international feel – wearable; sustainable and affordable; clothes that reflect the personality of the owner; real honest menswear that...
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