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Yup! He's been there since the beginning.
That's Tod at EG.
Eric, We will be posting better pictures soon. The Loiter Jacket is a light jacket, unconstructed and made of a knit like material. In regards to comparison between Bedford and Loiter, Bedford has more construction, presents like a Sport Jacket and Loiter is more of a knitwear piece.
Bla, Bla, Bla! I told myself, be good, don't fight and what's the use. Quite frankly, you are the perfect definition of "A Troll". Who knows, it's a talent I guess. You've obviously come here to pick a fight, get the hair on some to rise and maybe even discourage the newbies here who have just reached their wardrobe heaven, so to speak. Over 40 pieces and a few dangling threads, come on man. Can't you lend some of your "profound" knowledge on us instead of knit picking...
First off, we're stockist but if you go here http://www.engineeredgarments.com/Stockist.aspx you'll find a list of stockists.
That button hole would have one point of attachment for a removable collar.
Yes @ManofKent a drawstring. Historically, the uniform in a military sense, Fatigues, USN pant etc. had a draw string bottom to cinch the trouser bottom around the top section of a military commando boot.
White Heavy OxfordNavy/Orange Big PlaidBlue/Red/White Big PlaidLight Blue/Navy/White Big PlaidWhite Paisley LawnNavy Paisley Lawn
Only other articles are Bedford & Fatigue Shorts.
Done! Please call to pre order.
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