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OK, we're going to lock this Boston Meet Up for Wednesday evening the 9th @Drinkwaters. We'll gather here at our closing time of 7pm for a meet and greet (some beers too!) and then head next door to The Elephant Walk for some small bites and libations. The last event we collected $10 > 15 (depending on the turnout) for the food. If you will be attending, please chime in and we'll start a list. We are looking forward to being your host! Gary & Teresa The List @Ken...
Howdy SF'ers, This wouldn't be the first time @Drinkwaters hosted a meetup. In the early days we had a great event here with LAGuy as the the Co Host. We met here and then moved next door to the the Elephant Walk bar and had drinks and small bites. I'm all for another event here, so lets come up with a time to do this. I'll propose a Wednesday evening. Gary
Here is a picture of two of my favorite writing instruments. Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen and Parker Challenger Pencil
These pockets on the Andover that you guys have been discussing are called convertible pockets, flap to besom. Most fine tailored clothing offer this option.
I also collect Fountain Pens and some the best ones I've acquired was at yard sales. I ask the yard sale folks if they have any pens in the house that they didn't think about selling and if so, that I'd be interested. Usually, they are clueless of value, so for pennies......
I'm sorry to get all sensitive on ya. I should know a bad joke when I see one. All kidding aside, I own a dozen or more Pocket Watches and have some incredible Fobs. I should start a thread "Show us how you rock your Fob" I hope you'll stop in the shop should you find yourself in Cambridge.
Not sure I understand what you mean. Racist......NOT!
That chain is called a Fob.
I believe we have S > XL. Fit is all dependent on how you plan to wear it ( over a shouldered sport jacket ) and what silhouette you're accustom to seeing yourself in. I typically wear a size large in EG and in this coat I would wear the large.
Yes, sadly we are sold out of the Bedford / Navy Ripstop size Large. We have size XS > M available.
New Posts  All Forums: