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We are now 40% > 50% off FW 15 and previous FW seasons.
Come and get it!
FYI Today we received; S6A0729 / Camp Shirt / White Paisley Lawn XS > XL $195.00 S6D04140 / Bedford Jacket / Olive Cotton Ripstop S > XL $315.00 S6E04140 / Fatigue Short / Olive Cotton Ripstop XS > XL $195.00
Chambord / Marron Fonce / Dark Brown has been part of our core selection from Paraboot since we opened. So, we love them and they go extremely well with EG. Our price is $535.00 and we keep them stocked. All come in English sizing except Michael, which we have soon in Cafe Scotch Grain.I would say, not knowing how the Barrie last fits, that Chambord is a true D width and Paraboot's generally like a beefy sock. In regards to purchasing shoes, we always sell footwear with...
Pull the trigger and we'll remove the tag. We do it for those who have your concerns. A very sharp razor blade does the trick. We also install them for those who get polish on them.
You should also consider Paraboot.
Sorry! I missed those somehow. Content edited.
@pe3brain There's a saying in our industry that some outfits" look like a bag of balloons". When constructing an outfit, a lot of aspects come into play. Tone, texture, weight and element are some that play out with what you've experimented with. In regards to tone, the color of the cardigan is not wrong but the weight and texture along with the beefy shawl, make it look like you're trying to hard to make that Bedford an outwear piece. If it's the look of a cardigan under...
Always a pleasure to assist!
Fatigue ShortS6E0448 / Indigo Cotton Dungaree ClothS6E0483 / Grey Broken ChambrayS6E0481 / Black 7.5 oz DenimS6E0482 / Indigo 8 oz Cone DenimS6E0474 / White 20's Cotton TwillS6E0476 / Beige 20's Cotton TwillS6E0478 / Dark Navy 20's Cotton TwillS6E04140 / Olive Cotton Ripstop (our buy)S6E04122 / Khaki 14W CorduroyS6E04104 / Navy/Gold Daisy PrintCamp ShirtS6A0703 / White Floral DamaskS6A0727 / White Small Polka Dot LawnS6A0728 / Navy Small Polka Dot LawnS6A0729 / White...
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