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Eric, We will be posting better pictures soon. The Loiter Jacket is a light jacket, unconstructed and made of a knit like material. In regards to comparison between Bedford and Loiter, Bedford has more construction, presents like a Sport Jacket and Loiter is more of a knitwear piece.
Bla, Bla, Bla! I told myself, be good, don't fight and what's the use. Quite frankly, you are the perfect definition of "A Troll". Who knows, it's a talent I guess. You've obviously come here to pick a fight, get the hair on some to rise and maybe even discourage the newbies here who have just reached their wardrobe heaven, so to speak. Over 40 pieces and a few dangling threads, come on man. Can't you lend some of your "profound" knowledge on us instead of knit picking...
First off, we're stockist but if you go here http://www.engineeredgarments.com/Stockist.aspx you'll find a list of stockists.
That button hole would have one point of attachment for a removable collar.
Yes @ManofKent a drawstring. Historically, the uniform in a military sense, Fatigues, USN pant etc. had a draw string bottom to cinch the trouser bottom around the top section of a military commando boot.
White Heavy OxfordNavy/Orange Big PlaidBlue/Red/White Big PlaidLight Blue/Navy/White Big PlaidWhite Paisley LawnNavy Paisley Lawn
Only other articles are Bedford & Fatigue Shorts.
Done! Please call to pre order.
For those who are interested in the Homespun Bedford and that particular fabric, here's a teaser [[SPOILER]] We will take pre orders for for this article for anyone that would like to do so. We do require a 50% deposit on all pre orders. Our first deliveries should be arriving this week.
Love this easy attempt on the outfit and the inclusion of the Paraboot Michael. The Michael was my first shoe from them, purchased in 1985 and I'm still wearing them.As a side note, Drinkwater's is the Paraboot Authorized Repair Service in North America. We also supply Paraboot Beeswax polish and Paraboot laces.
New Posts  All Forums: