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Teresa will be flattered to know that her Fatigues are getting some play here.That's her holding up all of our selections. I think she got them at J Crew
Well I guess it's official, so here's Drinkwater's selections of the Engineered Garments FW13 collection. F3A0790 / Western Shirt / Black Printed Floral / Paisley Corduroy $255.00 S > L F3A0896 / Work Shirt / Navy Heathered Cotton Oxford $230.00 XS > XL F3A08107 / Work Shirt / Brown/Blue Cotton Plaid / $205.00 XS > XL F3A0917 / Miners Shirt / Grey/Navy Heavy Twill Plaid $205.00 XS > XL F3C0207 / Over Vest / Black Sweater Knit $385.00 S >...
We have a pair of SS13 Olive Sateen in XL
I've been selling EG for 9 years and have been wearing it for 10, so I know this brand well. And the man behind it, well I've known him since 1985. If he knew that this type of shit talk was being spewed about his integrity, he would be deeply hurt. He is one of the most honorable persons I know in this industry and his team works tirelessly to bring a quality garment to their audience. With any brand, and I will say that in my over thirty years in this business, there...
So, what you're saying is, you'd like Daiki to style his collection like a thousand wannabe's are doing because of his heritage fashion pioneering. He is a designer not a regurgitator. Don't get me wrong, Real McCoys are what they are but their inspirations are not rocket science.Additionally, having checked out your 18 posts and to find the majority of them negative, you need to know that forums are a place to discuss, not a wailing wall.
The Bedford is a boxy and shorter length.The Baker is a more tailored fit and a bit longer.
We choose from the whole range. It's funny how we start pulling the things we like and end up with a rack full of items that is painful to edit down to what we can justify buying for the season. My quantities vary, depending on the item and how strongly we feel about it.
Sorry I haven't replied yet. I ordered it for you plus some for us.
Great! Email is how I would prefer to get requests. Send those requests to me only gary@drinkwaterscambridge.com. Thanks
Yes, it would be pre orders of our selections and articles outside of what we ordered. As far as I know, I am and have always been the guy to go to for those hard to find articles.
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