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We have this S > XL
FYI Restock of Bedford in Brown Homespun placed. Get your preorders into us ASAP. S > L Thanks! Gary
We hope you will join us and make some great shirts. http://tinyurl.com/lrd69ux
Please join us for Individualized Custom Shirt Promotion. http://preview.tinyurl.com/lrd69ux
FYI, If we haven't post this already, we'll be getting the Button Shawl in Brown Homespun and Brown/Navy Wool Twill Plaid. Only 4 of each ordered so consider a preorder for these were much sought after last season. Gary
Good Morning to Ya All, @eluther and @ebaum I will first off will say that I am not a marketing major but more of a marketer of brands including and foremost our own. Drinkwater's was formed out of an idea as was EG that we could provide product that was unique and exclusive ( some might consider this model to be "A Darling Brand" but Daiki's posture would be that it's a crafted commodity for a discerning audience ) with an availability to a few who see its value (some...
I'd say Olive or Grey would be my first choices.
FYIWe will have the Button Shawl in the following flavors.F4H1580 / Brown/Navy Wool Twill PlaidF4H1559 / Brown HomespunHere are that others flavors that others might have.F4H1561 / Dark Olive Worsted Wool FlannelF4H1562 / Heather Grey Worsted Wool FlannelF4H1557 / Brown Wool Antique HerringboneF4H / Grey 13oz Wool HerringboneGary
FYI If any of you are planning on purchasing the Bedford in Brown Homespun from us, we have size small and large available. Thanks! Gary
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