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Just Thanksgiving weekend!
We have a pair of Olive Reverse Sateen / size 36 in stock
If you want your parka to have some water repellency either take it to your dry cleaner and have it proofed or buy a can of 3M Scotch Guard and apply it yourself. Remember, like silicone spray for your shoes, you should keep the can about 12 > 15 inches away from the garment and mist the garment, moving around it quickly. Let that treatment dry in and give it another application. The more you put into it, the greater the efficacy.This is a heritage brand and EG is...
Thanks Dino! We sell the Chambord and it's also one of my favorites. Enjoy them, my first pair from 1985 might just outlive me....They are going strong.
Yes it is heavy and I primarily wear it as outerwear. It's 20 oz. I edited my post.
Thanks,The jacket is the Baker in 20 oz. Melton, Workaday Fatigues, Post O'Alls Plaid Flannel, Vintage Wool Brooks Brothers Scarf, Donegal Cap and the shoes are Paraboot Michael ( My favorite brand )
Isachenko,I do nothing vicariously however I believe you are a fake. You've come here spewing your bitchiness and you have no footing to stand on. I also believe you know nothing about cooking either.Being creative means pushing the norm, succeeding and failing is part of the quest of individuality. As many have stated, these looks are not for everybody but there are some here who express themselves creatively and they are the ones who keep fashion alive, no matter who the...
Here you go
A mature audience indeed! I turn 60 next week and rock the look all the time.
Your remarks are poignant. Diarrhea mouth ain't cute either. I don't stand to defend but one must comprehend the inspiration of a fashion statement, be it print, motion or static, it is about shock and awe. This is wholesale / retail marketing 101. Our current landscape could use a refresh and this will be the designers current contribution. Like it or leave.
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