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Thank you crosswound!
That would be Todd. He is the design guy who sources fabric, buttons, zippers etc. He's been with Daiki since the beginning but we don't see to much of him, he's sort of shy. He's wearing a Work Shirt and I think it was just the way he was standing that makes the shirt look a little snug.
No, we are not.
^ We did not pick up the Vans X EG but we are more than delighted for try and get stuff for you. Please be patient though. Gary On another note we hosted the first day of filming of Glass, A Love Story http://glass-a-love-story.tumblr.com As you will see the writer/director is filming the entire production with Google Glass. Tre Cool! Check out our shots on Drinkwater's Facebook page.
The rationale is simply that the designer/manufacturer has reconsidered their product placement and position in the marketplace and is fleeing the shopping cart experience which tarnishes their identity as a luxury brand. I won't speak for Engineered Garments philosophy but I will comment on Drinkwater's. We could have easily added an e-commerce branch to our business model and we would have reaped some greater financial success because of it but it wouldn't be the same...
Work ShirtF3A08108 / Work Shirt / Navy/Red Cotton PlaidThere is also a Corduroy Printed PlaidF3A0832 / Work Shirt / Red/Navy/White Corduroy Printed PlaidF3A0833 / Work Shirt / Red/Black/White Corduroy Printed Plaid
Yes! Will be receiving the Grey version any day now.
^ did you iron out those sleeves yet ? It would be interesting to know the before and after measurement. Also, that fabric is very elastic and I would give it a little stretch as well.
FYI Today we received; F3A08107 / Work Shirt / Brown/Blue Cotton Plaid XS > XL F3D0278 / CPO Shirt / Grey All Wool Herringbone S > L Assorted Neck Ties F3H05108 / Scarf / navy/Red Cotton Plaid I have placed a reorder for the Work Shirt / Navy Oxford in size S & M , so if that's your size, get your order into me. Thanks! Enjoy!
New Posts  All Forums: