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Thanks Mike!We normally buy at least one XS in each article we select but as Mike stated, we can try to obtain something for you outside of our selection. You must however, get your requests to me early in the season. All requests will be treated as pre orders and require a deposit. Please send all requests to gary@drinkwaterscambridge.comFYI..... We still have XS available from our FW12 collections. We are not on saleOn another note, we will be receiving our first...
As always, our pleasure!
Thanks! I meant to get to that but I've been busy filling stockings. Happy Holidays everyone!
I haven't inquired on my first delivery because I'm still busy selling FW 12. Plus we haven't even experienced winter here yet so the idea of SS 13 is a little weird. I haven't priced it yet but will so soon.
Well, well! I guess I was late to the party but the ever so passionate beat me to it. Thanks! Let me make it clear and say that the B&W is intentional and is intended as creating an aura around the brand and enhancing its nostalgia. These are my words but I take away this representation from my talks with Angelo. As you know, they did release a color version of FW12 about a month later. What I came away from the collection was that Daiki's collection is now representing...
Thank You!
Hey, Thanks for asking because we will be giving thanks as we always do during the Thanksgiving weekend, On Friday 11/23 and Saturday 11/24 we will offer the remainder of our FW12 collections at 30% off, shipping not included. We will not post an inventory, Check out our selections in the earlier pages of this thread and either call us 617-547-2067, PM us or send us an email gary@ drinkwaterscambridge.com or steven@drinkwaterscambridge.com to find out if we have...
Most likely the Bedford
If I make it in tomorrow, we're about to have a hurricane, I'll let you know then. If not, it will be Tuesday.
Announcing the Fall / Winter Individualized Custom Shirt Promotion. Take advantage of this terrific offer to make shirts, delivered in three weeks and there are no compromises, you get the fit and the styling you desire. Over three hundred fabrics to chose from. Made in USA. We look forward to seeing...
New Posts  All Forums: