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Steven and I in EG today.
Engineered Garments rarely has any surplus and this case we were fortunate to have the ability to make some. A few left, but not for long. Thanks to all who were patient for this last minute cutting!
Depending on the quality of the fiber used to weave this diagonal twill it is most often used in dress apparel. Heavier twills were primarily used for uniforms for they held their crease and deflected biting wind in cooler temperatures.
Universal Works for FW 14 brings an array of unique fabrics in their older standards that have defined the brand. Be it the Baker Jacket or our favorite the Tarleton, this collection has evolved to be a standout amongst a field of urban workwear designers. "Universal Works aims to mix the great British clothing heritage with a modern, more international feel – wearable; sustainable and affordable; clothes that reflect the personality of the owner; real honest menswear that...
There is no listing of weight on the line sheet but I would say it's a bit heavier than the Chambray. We do have that shirt available.
@ferrari909 No, it will be fine on a hanger.
Sorry, only Medium > XLarge
Not yet @mbaum. Should be any day now.
Not only was I implying that the comments are moot but your criticism conveys a bashing of a brand. i.e., your comments about the use of plastic buttons on the work shirt. Criticism should elicit a positive outcome but you seem to want to promote abandonment. I don't own this forum but I know the person who does and he would say, come here to share knowledge and have fun. Don't be a Party Pooper!
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