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Yes it is and I like it that way but I've never smudged out my face on any posts I've made of me. I'm beautiful, of course.
Will someone please present to me a compelling reason why someone who posts a picture of them self, needs to wipe out their facial features. Are you guys on the most wanted list. Come on, let it be said by me, pretty insecure!
Very nice!
My Work Shirts from 04 and 05 ran a bit big and I often would use them as an Overshirt.
My Work Shirts from 04 and 05 fit very large and I sometimes wear them as Overshirts.
We have Penn Shirt Jacket in stock.
FYI Today we recieved; S4B07140 / Knit Jacket / Navy / Grey Wave Jacquard Knit XS > XL Sweet!
Thanks! I thought I made that clear.
Bedford S4D04150 / Khaki Cotton Ripstop S4D0461 / Olive Cotton Ripstop S4D0493 / Dark Navy Cotton Ripstop S4D0454 / Navy Tiki Cotton Jacquard S4D0492 / Blue / White PC Floral Jacquard S4D04143 / Navy / Green / Yellow Floral Printed Canvas S4D04152 / Brown / Orange / Yellow Floral Printed Canvas S4D0491 / Black / Grey Cotton Houndstooth S4D0494 / Black / White Cotton Houndstooth That's All Folks!
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