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Bedford S4D04150 / Khaki Cotton Ripstop S4D0461 / Olive Cotton Ripstop S4D0493 / Dark Navy Cotton Ripstop S4D0454 / Navy Tiki Cotton Jacquard S4D0492 / Blue / White PC Floral Jacquard S4D04143 / Navy / Green / Yellow Floral Printed Canvas S4D04152 / Brown / Orange / Yellow Floral Printed Canvas S4D0491 / Black / Grey Cotton Houndstooth S4D0494 / Black / White Cotton Houndstooth That's All Folks!
FYI Today we received; S4C0290 / Truman Vest / Dark Navy Dobby Twill S > XL S4C0416 / Reversible Vest / Grey Chambray Patchwork S > XL S4D0454 / Bedford Jacket / Navy Tiki Jacquard XS > XL S4D0493 / Bedford Jacket / Navy Ripstop XS > XL S4D1285 / Bal Coat / Dark Navy Cotton / Linen Coated Canvas S > XL
I'll post these as soon a I can.
Heads Up Our FW 13 inventory has now been reduced another 10%.
Can't tell you how much I deplore that N word. Please take it somewhere else, or for that matter, I admonish you to remove it from your vocabulary!
We have one Bedford / Navy Uniform Serge Size Large. Come and get it! 617-547-2067
We might have one for you. Give Steven a call in the morning. 617-547-2067
Mill ShortS4E1175 / Blue Cotton ChambrayS4E1182 / Grey / White Poly Cotton Seersucker StripeS4E11118 / Olive Cotton Pima Cotton
The only Polka Dot fabric in a pant is a Black Cotton Printed Polka Dot available in Tux Pant. You will only find the Navy Cotton Polka Dot in Ghurka Short, Baker Jacket, Bow Tie, Neck Tie.
Dino, We will not be getting that article. I was posting for curiosity sake.
New Posts  All Forums: