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Fatigue PantF4F1284 / Navy Nyco Reversed SateenF4F1285 / Olive Nyco Reversed SateenF4F1289 / Indigo Cone DenimF4F1290 / Natural Cone DenimF4F1293 / Brown 10oz Organic CanvasF4F12110 / Dark Grey Heavy Brushed Herringbone
That is the Expedition Jacket and here are the fabrics available.F4D0991 / Khaki 8oz CanvasFD40992 / Olive 8oz CanvasF4D09122 / Navy Wool Uniform SergeF4D0973 / Grey 13oz Wool HerringboneF4D0959 / Brown Homespun (Pictured)
We have it. Give us a call at 617-547-2067 Thanks!
I'm curious. What's the 98% that's holding you back?
Should I put you down as attending?
Don't come naked! Ladies will be present. Seriously, there's no dress code but if you're going to have your picture taken and have it show up on the front page, well........
Thanks!FYIPlease bring your significant other should you choose to do so. Teresa will be here and as I'm sure she wouldn't mind being the only lady amongst a group of finely attired young men...........
Good question and I'll try to answer this as clearly as possible so you all know that there is not endless inventory available and that I cannot always secure what your desire is. There is no list per se that I could post on this thread, however I have a line sheet and I refer to that upon request.So, this is the deal, every season EG will have an over cut of each and every garment. Every manufacturer does. I go after those piecesif available.There is a cut off point...
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