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We might have one for you. Give Steven a call in the morning. 617-547-2067
Mill ShortS4E1175 / Blue Cotton ChambrayS4E1182 / Grey / White Poly Cotton Seersucker StripeS4E11118 / Olive Cotton Pima Cotton
The only Polka Dot fabric in a pant is a Black Cotton Printed Polka Dot available in Tux Pant. You will only find the Navy Cotton Polka Dot in Ghurka Short, Baker Jacket, Bow Tie, Neck Tie.
Dino, We will not be getting that article. I was posting for curiosity sake.
Dayton Shirt S4A1275 / Blue Cotton Chambray S4A1266 / Grey Stripe Basket Weave S4A1223 / Multicolored Psychedelic Print S4A1278 / Multicolored Foulard Hippie Stripe S4A1230 / Green / Red / Navy Madras Plaid
You're quite right!
Short PonchoS4D1684 / Khaki Cotton / Linen Coated CanvasS4D1685 / Dark Navy Coton / Linen Coated CanvasS4D16139 / Olive Iridescent PC Garbardine (Above)S4D1692 / Blue / White PC Floral JacquardS4D1653 / Pink / Natural Cotton Jacquard
FYI Today we recieved; S4F0461 / Fatigue Pant / Olive Ripstop XS > XL $205.00 Come get em while they last! Gary
I would think so.
We have some Western Shirts on sale right now, so give the store a call and see if we can assist you. 617-547-2067Gary
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