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We have the smaller sizes available in the Khaki/Brown Homespun.
Universal Works Editorial for Drinkwater’s on Metropolitan Society Metropolitan Society is an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to art, design, fashion, architecture, food, and other creative endeavors. Our latest collaboration with Metropolitan Society’s Creative Director, Stephen Hopkins features Universal Works. Universal Works aims to mix the great British clothing heritage with a modern, more international feel. The ideas come from a humble blue-collar background...
Merry Whatever from Drinkwater's.
I like both of those articles but I think you should have both (sleeves) altered. Too long.
Most lack a creative backbone and I call them out for not having an original thought. One of the main reasons I never posted pictures of the coming season until EG did. Vultures!
No bullshit, just pure customer service the way the retail gods intended it to be. Can't get that from click and pay!
Well, as I see it, you have two options. You could bring them back to the shop you purchased them at and I'm sure they will gladly resew any loose buttons and resew a button on where missing. (replacement buttons will be inside the garment, usually sewn onto a pocket)Your second option and I would highly recommend you challenge yourself to this home economic skill is to learn how to sew a button on because in your lifetime, they'll be plenty of times you'll say "Oh shit my...
Some styling from Nepenthes Japan "Spirit of Place"
Pete, highly unlikely we'll get to that. We're off today and back in Friday morning to face the madness. Best to give us a call or pin point what you're after and send us a message or email.
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