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I would assume so but we have not received ours yet. Should be any day now.
Thanks for that!!! My days of cutting and pasting were done on a drafting board.I saw Stuff a number of times and they blew me away each time.
Thanks for that! My thing really and if you like that try some of this. One of my favorite set bands from the days.
Of course, we have to give the Brits some credit.Here's a pic of an original Brit, Stanley Clarke. My Grandfather. Singapore circa 1910. Colonist and rubber plantation owner. Owned one of the first cars in Singapore. I believe his fashion blood is in my veins.
They'll be $20.00 and a binder will be available ( not sure of the retail ) that is meant for collecting seasonal issues.
It's all about Boston, where he and I met when he settled here for his first hometown in America.
Yes they are. Check our gallery for the one we chose.
FYI Today we recieved; S5A0108 / 19th Century BD Shirt / Navy Madras Plaid XS > XL $230.00
We'll let you know when it arrives.
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