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Most likely, that's the half shoulder and outseam measurement, the way in which you would measure a shirt. We always give an inseam measurement. That's the proper way.
FYI Today we recieved; S5A1159 / Chauncy Shirt / Black Kalamkari India Print XS > XL $230.00 Additionally, we received The Garment District Journal - Issue 1 $20.00
Please tell us what size you think you would wear and we will give you measurements. The knit is 90% Cotton 10% Poly.
You can see FW14 and SS15 in their respective threads. We put up a gallery in each.
We have shortened these jackets and other brands from the shoulder but YOU MUST find a tailor who is experienced in this type of alteration. The cost is expensive $60 > $90 depending on the construction but it can be done. You can also remove the elbow patches and have them moved up the sleeves after a normal sleeve alteration. I will say, removing the patches was a bitch of a job.
FYI Today we received; S5D0392 / Bedford Jacket / Dark Navy High Count Twill XS > XL $385.00 Posted under 72" of white stuff and more on the way. Gary
David,So good to have you back! I know it took a lot of time and effort for you to put this together. Thank you!
Hey Everyone, We're sorry that we couldn't attend but we went strong until about 6:30 and didn't leave the store till 7:45. By that time I'm sure you were three sheets to the wind. Hopefully another time soon. Best, Gary & Teresa
FYI Today we received: S5A0930 / Popover Shirt / Light Blue Herringbone Shirting S > XL $205.00 S5A1052 / Camp Shirt / White Dobby Stripe Lawn XS > XL $195.00 S5F06105 / Fatigue Pant / Navy 6.5oz Flat Twill 28 > 36 $205.00
I would assume so but we have not received ours yet. Should be any day now.
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