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Yes, I realized that after I responded. Oh well, at least everyone now knows where to get their Grey Herringbone Bedford. In regards to the LDT Jacket. It was a last minute decision to purchase it and would be based on availability. I'm now told that only size small and medium are available for us. Anyone that's interested in those sizes should contact me soon. Sorry Amanda.
Drinkwater's does still have the Grey Wool Herringbone Bedford in size S > XL
Normal retailers who understand the retail window of opportunity, do not bring their selections in until it is time to. We have ascertained that MEN do not necessarily buy based on want but primarily on need. Ain't cold, don't need it. Weddings a month away, I'll wait till till the week before to buy a suit. I call it the knucklehead phenomena. So, that being said, our window for delivery on most of our FW product is during the month of October. I only bring in EG early...
FYI Today we received; F3D0571 / Field Shirt Jacket / Grey 12oz All Wool Flannel S > XL $495.00
Maybe, I check in the morning when I get in.
No, we will not be getting those articles.
I think you guys have to understand one thing. Every fabric will make up differently and also react to the wash differently. I'm sure the pattern is the same for both, it's just how much shrink occurred after their wash process.
Wonderful!!! Sartorial Splendor at its best. F. Scott Fitzgerald ish. Thanks!
Thank you crosswound!
That would be Todd. He is the design guy who sources fabric, buttons, zippers etc. He's been with Daiki since the beginning but we don't see to much of him, he's sort of shy. He's wearing a Work Shirt and I think it was just the way he was standing that makes the shirt look a little snug.
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