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My Work Shirts from 04 and 05 fit very large and I sometimes wear them as Overshirts.
We have Penn Shirt Jacket in stock.
FYI Today we recieved; S4B07140 / Knit Jacket / Navy / Grey Wave Jacquard Knit XS > XL Sweet!
Thanks! I thought I made that clear.
Bedford S4D04150 / Khaki Cotton Ripstop S4D0461 / Olive Cotton Ripstop S4D0493 / Dark Navy Cotton Ripstop S4D0454 / Navy Tiki Cotton Jacquard S4D0492 / Blue / White PC Floral Jacquard S4D04143 / Navy / Green / Yellow Floral Printed Canvas S4D04152 / Brown / Orange / Yellow Floral Printed Canvas S4D0491 / Black / Grey Cotton Houndstooth S4D0494 / Black / White Cotton Houndstooth That's All Folks!
FYI Today we received; S4C0290 / Truman Vest / Dark Navy Dobby Twill S > XL S4C0416 / Reversible Vest / Grey Chambray Patchwork S > XL S4D0454 / Bedford Jacket / Navy Tiki Jacquard XS > XL S4D0493 / Bedford Jacket / Navy Ripstop XS > XL S4D1285 / Bal Coat / Dark Navy Cotton / Linen Coated Canvas S > XL
I'll post these as soon a I can.
Heads Up Our FW 13 inventory has now been reduced another 10%.
Can't tell you how much I deplore that N word. Please take it somewhere else, or for that matter, I admonish you to remove it from your vocabulary!
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