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Here you go; Cinch Pant F5F0170 / Dark Navy 8.5oz Chino Twill F5F0171 / Black 8.5oz Chino Twill F5F0172 / Dark Navy Worsted Wool Flannel F5F0173 / Charcoal Worsted Flannel F5F0174 / Black Worsted Flannel
For those who might be interested in H&K's older trim fit model, we will be clearing our inventory of H&K in our upcoming Summer Sale which starts on July 25th. You can send us a PM with your size and we will reply with pictures of what we have available for you. Thanks!
Shop CoatF5D05115 / Indigo 11oz Broken DenimF5D0586 / Dark Navy 16oz Wool FlannelF5D05110 / Black Wool Cashmere FlannelThat's it!
We're not familiar with past seasons. This fabric is very nice though.
Moleskin is a felted cotton fabric
FYI First drop! We received; F5A0638 / Work Shirt / Grey Houndstooth Flannel XS > XL F5B0664 / Shawl Collar Knit Jacket / Dark Grey Cable Knit M > XL ( we only ordered one of each size ) F5D0697 / Bedford Jacket / Olive Moleskin XS > XL
Without further delay, we are happy to present you with our Drinkwater’s Engineered Garments FW15 buy. As usual, these pictures were taken from the showroom quickly for reference so we could narrow our selection at a later date, so please excuse the photo quality and lighting. Please refer to the colored lookbook photos in our introductory post in this thread for truer representations of fabric colors. F5A0110 / 19th Century B.S. Shirt in Grey Brushed Glen Plaid XS > XL...
In my opinion, Abdul is wearing the Bedford as it should be. The other, WRONG! The idea behind Bedford is relaxed, not a sausage skin.
We did not stock that article.
You'll always find XS in our assortment.
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