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I think these are both great jackets. The tan is a quintessential article for summertime, it just evokes that Trad classic look. However, the olive has a longer shelf life whereby you can break this out sooner in the year and wear it straight into Fall. Another thing to consider is that if you are of a darker complexion like this dude, this tan jacket will work well but if you are fair in complexion it probably will wash you out unless you wear darker colored shirting...
Hey Guys and Gals, Drinkwater's / Engineered Garments was a featured editorial for some of our SS 15 selections by Metropolitan Society. The shoot took place on Revere Beach, America's first public beach http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revere_Beach Stephen & Jerry have become close friends to us and these two young guys are cooking up something really good with there blog http://www.metropolitansociety.co We hope you will follow...
Teresa is a size 0 in everyday wear and a 1 in FWK
If anyone needs accurate measurements, please feel free to call on us. @Drinkwaters @CSCoHammers7
Greetings to our newest members to the best thread on SF and the longest running of consecutive seasons. Most of us here will give you constructive feedback. No hate. I think most will say that it fits the current style of the workwear as streetwear esthetic. It holds true to historic aspects of curated workwear / uniform fashion of a particular era / provenance. It is made of the highest standard in quality and attention to detail. In most cases, it won't bankroll...
FYI Today we received; S5E04104 / Fatigue Short / Khaki 6.5oz Flat Twill XS > XL $195.00 Gary
Most likely, that's the half shoulder and outseam measurement, the way in which you would measure a shirt. We always give an inseam measurement. That's the proper way.
FYI Today we recieved; S5A1159 / Chauncy Shirt / Black Kalamkari India Print XS > XL $230.00 Additionally, we received The Garment District Journal - Issue 1 $20.00
Please tell us what size you think you would wear and we will give you measurements. The knit is 90% Cotton 10% Poly.
New Posts  All Forums: