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Can't say I've handled the scarf but we have that clothl in the Work Shirt and it's pretty substantial. The hand is soft like flannel. I think it will hold up quite well in that cloth.
Field Parka circa 05~06 Workaday Fatigues circa 05 Workshirt Chambray 04 EG Longbill Cap Paraboot Barth Camp Moc W. Kleinberg Argentinian Weave Belt 78 Seiko Stainless Sport 100 Watch Vintage Scarf
If you are referring to the Knit Blazer, we have it and do ship Internationally.
Ground Pant Khaki Chino Twill Olive Cotton Double Cloth (instock @ Drinkwaters) Indigo 12oz Cone Denim Natural 12oz Cone Denim Dark Navy Uniform Serge
Yes, they've been cuffed since the inception and will continue to be as far as SS 17. And yes, they can be let down. HOWEVER, and I ask you all to pay attention here, especially those who have limited experience with cloth, tailors and tailoring. If the cloth you are altering is wool, you have fewer worries of a successful alteration. If you are working with cotton, linen or other plant based fabrics, here is the concern and I will list them so they are spelled out.1) ...
The only dry cleaner to recommend is French Cleaners in Boston, owned by brothers Joseph & David Baldwin. They have two locations, 130 Dartmouth Street and 538 Tremont Street. Tell them we sent you!
Shirt & Vest are instock @Drinkwaters
I believe Stephen lives here from time to time.
Not known on the Forum for my sartorial tailored side but aside from Streetwear I find comfort in this aspect of my wardrobe. #Samuelsohn #DrinkwatersxIndividualizedshirt #Seward&Stearn #Hiltl #Alden #OmegaSeamaster #oddpocketsquare
Please resend! Did not get it. Thanks!
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