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Thanks @bry2000. We are also the Authorized Repair Service in North America for Paraboot.
Not suppose to be slim cut.
As I'm sure you know, NYCO is the abbreviation of Nylon / Cotton.Twill is the method in which these two fibers are woven. Most likely the nylon runs the Weft (the vertical length of the loom) and the cotton fills the Warp (horizontal width of the loom) This method intertwines and loops around the Weft to create the horizontal twill (which is like Faille)The material has enduring qualities and withstands wrinkling unlike pure cotton. Withstands laundering in warmer water...
Heads Up! We've dropped another 10% off on our FW 16 selections.(and some other seasons mixed in) Please give us a call should you want to discuss availability 617-547-2067 or you can email us Thanks!
FYI Just a heads up, our sale starts tomorrow January 28th. Will not be able to respond to PM's so give us a call at 617-547-2067 for any inquiries. Thanks! Gary
Most likely, I'll call in some things that are ready next week. We can bring you our picks for the season before the weeks end. We have been preparing for our sale ( Starts Saturday 1/28 ) all week and I'm returning today from NYC, where we plowed through the offerings of many, for the FW 17 season.
It's not determined by the manufacturer. Retailers usually have a delivery window that allows them to have the product they need at the time they need it. Some ask for it early and get delivered what has made it through production at that time. Usually you'll see categories, i.e.. shirts, trousers come out at varying times.
We are sorry to not have this up sooner but we promise to have it live by Saturday. Stay tuned!
Hello Everyone, No need for my excuses for being absent, just simply put life gets in the way. However, I got a new computer and I can do more stuff, so you might get sick of me eventually. Honestly, its been a mad crazy season! Kind of sneaking up on that SS17 season and I'm sure some are saying when's he gonna get the thread started. Well, I've got some time off coming up and I'll get it rolling then. I wanted to share with you another editorial by our friends here...
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