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Nice HF suits, are these fall / winter or year round weights for mid-Alantic (NJ)?
Beautiful stuff!! PM sent on pants
They're not perfect, but they do have plenty of sales (many with free shipping) and it's a flat $5 to ship back / return. If you find something you think you'll like you can have it sent to your home, try it on and determine whether or not you want to keep it for less than the price of a trip to a store. Most of the suits are made in Italy with European cuts...... all things considered they offer great value.
Some at Yoox on sale thrugh weekend. How does the Polo RL compare / contrast to the RLBL? Looking for comment as much on fit as on quality. Is there a true quality difference or is it all in the fit?
+1, I'm a tucker. Likely to try some Sung Tex after reading this, can't stand the shirt and undershirt slowly working their way to untucked over the course of the day.
Your pants should fit the way you describe WITH your dress shirt tucked in! You will find ample sarcasm here for posting silly Qs.
I see some for sale new at online retailer for about $500, is this a good deal? Any comments on quality, are they fused or partial / full canvas? Thank you
Go for the 50, they're from Europe and do run snug, move quickly this extra 15% off sale will see that clearance stuff go fast
Does anyone know when the next big sales will start? This summer they had some great deals on suits, some we're a bit odd, but there were lots of great ones too. Will there will be a 50% off all clearance this fall?
I took a chance a few weeks ago on two pair, I must admit they are a bit on the thin side (will be ordering some of the new ones), but the color does hold and they do stay up. No beating the quality / price for my money. Well done!!
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