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PM sent on Thomas Pink
Great seller and quick ship on the tie, thank you.
Nice Isaia collection, pm sent on pink tie
How old are the Isaia SCs, and how heavy (fall / winter vs all seasons) is the fabric? I'm looking to pick up a few of these. Approx what time for pics?
Beautiful ties, PM sent..
If the only question is the ticket pocket you should keep it, the price is fantastic...well done!
Pm sent for the 34 twill
That's the link I was looking for, thanks so much ;-)
Nice Suits! Looking for PRL 42R w/flat fronts, don't believe there's anything you posted that matches. Can you help me understand Polo I vs Polo II, etc... I assume it's the cut, ie waist for the jacket and thigh in the pants?
Sold or still available? Must be too late on this....
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