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Perhaps one cotton suit, a medium tan to add something more casual to the mix. Once it's added you're sure to find the right occasions to bring it in to the rotation. You've already got the shoe that would go perfectly and I'm sure the shirts are there as well.
There's an interest, need some pics.
Two great ties and a great seller. I recently picked up a wool and a cashmere from Ed, can't go wrong.
Ban them unless the remaining items have something to announce, like a price drop. Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi I personally hate them and never use them - without a price drop on remaining stuff. What help does it do tell people an item is no longer available?
Picture or model number coming?
Many to most things will need a little something here and there, if you really like and the alterations aren't dramatic (and this appears to be your case) go for it.
Just received two of the Isaia ties, a wool and a cashmere, they're beautiful.
Pm sent on Valentino
PM sent on two ties and 34W grey twills
Nice shoes! Very interested, would you post a pictue of the inside heel bed and of the heels from the rear? Would like to see the heel wear to guage how long before they'll need the heels replaced, and finally can you confirm the sole actually reads "Goodyear" and "Made in Italy" Thank you
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