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Some nice stuff, I wish there were some 42Rs
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 This wallet is a total FAIL. Not even a good fake. I can get better knockoffs on the streetcorners in NYC. +1 You really can do better on the street in NYC. Complete fake all around, you can do much better if you're looking for a knock off
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell That link is way cool!
Well done, huge score! Looks beautiful
C21 if you live in the Metro NY area has a great selection and great prices
Size 36 belt best suited for a 34 waist. Most people, as a rule, go for a belt ~ 2" larger than the waist to allow for a nice overlap / clean finish
Numbers 7&8, the cashmere blends, are they self tipped or lined with silk? Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Threak screams for a poal. I let the weather dictate the coat, I own both and when it's truly cold it's time for the mid-calf +1 on the pole, with the weather the way it is you're sure to have this draw quickly
Nice stuff! The Andrews tie (#2), is it this season? Is it woven / on the thick side or a light silk with the paisley pattern printed on it? Thanks
Beautiful ties and priced right, thanks for sharing
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