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Quote: Originally Posted by brittain I call troll. 2 threads in an hour about his huge 38" chest. +1 & please change your user name to: I AM RIPPED!! I AM IN GREAT SHAPE!! I HAVE A BIG ASS CHEST!!! YESSHHH!!
You might have luck at a Marshalls that has a shoe center (Rt 10 in Hanover) or through You're sure to find something comfortable in that range, likely with a rubber sole but you may get lucky and find something in leather. Might also get lucky with Nordstroms if you wear an off size.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I approach this two ways. First, any luggage that gets checked is black and anonymous to reduce the chances of it getting ripped off. Second, I need something durable, if it is checked, so I get Briggs & Riley. Not only is it almost bulletproof, but when it does get damaged, B&R fixes it for free every time. So, whatever the cost of a B&R bag is now, is worth it and not at all too much to spend. I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigchris1313 I own very many of these shirts. I wear them underneath my dress shirts to guard my clothing against odor and perspiration while preserving a clean neckline under open-collar dress shirts. They are a worthy investment. You don't mean to wear them as outer garments, certainly. +1. Don't do it with the giant V, there are lots of manufacturers that will provide a reasonable V, what we seem to be...
If you like it, it fits well, and is well made it's not a bad addition. There are lots of what might be considered better / more flexible choices for suit number 5 in the rotation, but this will work if you're confident you'll wear it enough to justify the investment.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx purple label, hands down-- superior quality, fit, and a moderate cut in both jacket and trouser. I am not a big guy, but the black label jacket was so tight on my biceps I couldn't do more than peel it off and put it back on the rack-- can only imagine how narrow the trousers would be on me. +1 all around, with +2 on the fabric of the PL
Quote: Originally Posted by GQhustler First thing you need to do is go burn that shirt. You might want to toss the tie in there while you're at it. Next, get the pants hemmed and sleeves shortened as others have mentioned and I think it will be passable. You may also want to look into getting the pant legs slimmed down. Makes a huge difference and it's fairly cheap. +1 once the shirt and tie are replaced with a white shirt and a darker tie...
Beautiful, and just what I was lookinf for if this was a 42R Drop 7! Any chance of getting ahold of one of those? Please PM if anyone can find one
Quote: Originally Posted by butkusrules Anybody have any experience with PAOLO LASTRUCCI? Some guy is selling them on ebay for about $500 w/Zegna fabric. This is the only post with this manufacturer(?), has anyone heard of this brand, level of quality?
It's also for aesthetics and space. With most people knowing their size it's surely preferable to make a selection from a well kept / neat area vs a ball of cotton, particularly at times like the holidays season or busy sales times.
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