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Just ordered a pair of Santoni Jadwins, deep discount and the site is working finr. The sale that some have been waiting for is now on.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I like 3.5" ties with my black label, but also wear ties down to 2.75" wide. +1, and to me a 3.5" tie is not that wide. Be more concerned with the fabric and the pattern than the size, and be sure you hit a nice dimple. Good luck with the interview!
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Another colors would work. But remember that the tie will be the center of your outfit now since you are wearing black suits and white shirt. About pocket square: don't wear pink. Get a white one. +1. The black and white back drop set the stage for just abot any tie color, a contrasting square is certainly better than one in the same color and a change up in the texture of its fabric would do you well too.
With trees, unboxed and unbagged, but with the bags laying on top to keep the dust off.
Looks like consensus is, and I too agree, that if there's little wear and you're getting a good deal it's a good way to go. I've purchased Santoni's from e-bay and Magli's here, I love them both
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover I don't know that there are any set in stones rules but I reccomend that you only wear v necks with suits even if theres no tie. Plain colors and modest patterns are also best especially when worn in a bisnuess setting. Also make sure since sweaters fit fuller in the midsection that you have enough room in the body of the coat so you don't distort the fit or the jacket when wearing one. +1. The V-neck...
Depending on where you live you can also do quite well at Marshalls or Filenes Basement, lots of sales taking place and they get a good mix that includes some Hickey and HSM.
Wool, as light weight as you can find. Holds color better and breathes more easily.
+1. You should check out the B&S section, you'll do well there, ending up with a beter suit at a better price if you spend some time doing your home work. The time and effort you've put into the JAB analysis could have landed you some sweet deals.
For Dec - Feb I'll do a slim v-neck under the jacket (suit or SC) on the very cold days. Takes a bit of getting used to for the slimmer fitting suits, but it's a nice look that's become more popular
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