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More beautiful suits, and an overall great seller.
Great stuff as usual, watched the Hockey Gold Medal game and missed some great deals!
Be comfortable with the style you like and feel is appropriate for your body type. If you find a tailor that provide good work at a good price consider yourself lucky. Quality work is the charge for the tailor, the style and personality of your clothing is yours alone to own.
Nice Isaia shirt at a nice price, what's your best guess using standard sizing measurements, seems like it's a 16 x 36 as the sleeves appear to be a bit long.
That Custom 42 looks great, what more can you share about the pants and the original tags? I'm a perfect off the rack 42R in ISAIA, am I kidding myself that this suit can go 4" the other way to get a 34 waist (2" down to get to original then another 2" further to get to 34" waist?) How much padding in the shoulder, and is there any waist supression? seems there was a larger gentleman that had his heart set on this thus the 4" drop as the suit stands now? Thank you
PM sent awaiting a reply 43.5 monks will be available again
You won't find Borrelli on STP but you will find Isaia, that may be your best bet. A great suit and well respected here on SF
Are the 43.5 monks still available, PM sent?
Nice shoes, PM sent
Ed, Pm sent
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