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Beautiful suit, PM sent
Beautiful and priced right, if only there were something in 42R ;-(
Great seller, and beautiful items!
I've purchased several pair, I usually send a PM offering to cover shipping and insurance both ways if they don't fit correctly. Some times it's accepted (more than 50%) and sometimes not, it's worth the discussion via PM if both parties want to make the transaction work.
The Borelli pink shirt, best guess on the sleeve length? 15.75 x 32/33 or 34/35? Thank you
Lexol works great, reasonably priced and readily available just about anywhere. They make a great cleaner and a great conditioner
IF looking to buy a few (4-5) then you'll have a great mix, if you're only going to buy a couple and are forced into choosing it's a simple choice, go with the PLs IMO
Great looking shoes, are these Goodyear welt?
Is that solid navy Zegna marked as a 42L?
PM sent on Oxxford
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