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Orange with blue shirts looks great, especially in Spring... that tie though, a bit too loud for a conservative office, go for the burnt orange instead
The Varvatos shirts are slim and fit nicely, just be sure you try one on before you take it home, the sleev lenghts run funny, I'm a 34 and need to get the LONG as the regular fits at least a few inches too short.
The Santoni sale is unlikely to have anything good left, call before you go if you plan on getting to the store... the weather is too nice to go to a sale that's likely to be a bust.....
I'll wear them with a suit, with or without a tie, sometimes with a sports jacket but never with just trousers
I'm a new member, have been reading the posts for a few months and just joined..... Interested in the Zegna sports coat, would you take $250 shipped to NJ, speed not an issue... Thank you
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