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Looks like the verdict is in, you'll be well served with the RLBL
Quote: Originally Posted by emakris Apologies for saying this but I feel I must; some of the comments in this thread are vomit inducing. Onto the subject, Frankie, it is true that most designers of that ilk make some of their products or even entire lines in the Far East. My opinion regarding said products is that they are of poor quality and exasperatingly expensive. Personally, I prefer buying European whenever/wherever I can, for quality as well...
[quote=Svenn;2445855]I thought cutaways or extra-high collars (+1.5'' collar band) were the IDEAL shirts to wear without a tie and unbuttoned. Obviously if you get a huge disco collar it will look awful. Normal collared shirts look too low on the neck and lazy if they're ubuttoned w/o a tie. Higher collared cutaways, because of their height, keep a relatively equivalent amount of visible white fabric around the neck as a normal collared shirt would if it was...
The Milano cords are very slim and have a low rise... they we're less than $50 this spring when BB had their huge spring sale. Don't see them in the fall catalog, too bad as they're a great pair of pants.
Have you seen the Magli Bunni, comes in chocolate brown...
Great wiki Marbles29, thanks for sharing!
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos I'll pay $5 to support someone who supports SF and offers top notch service. Doesn't it make you curious that they'll le them go to the masses for less than you can get them for at SF? Not all of us have money to burn, some of us will take a quick peek on line to ensure the value is there, guess you disagree with that approach.
Quote: Originally Posted by khaki sack Tasseled loafer...snaffle bit loafer...penny loafer...IMO I see a lot of older guys wearing Alden/BB tasseled loafers with suits, for what it's worth. +1. There are lots of suits with tassels in my office, I'd consider then the most dressy of the set.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover You don't see too many sport coats with more then 3 buttons, I would say those are set aside for rappers and basketball/football stars of the african american persuasion. WORD!
Take a visit to ebay, you can pick these up for less than $15 (including shipping) per pair from several sellers. The Epic Twin Tubes are particularly nice, just picked up a few pair
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