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Did it this week, fall is here!
The color is a great complement to a stash of browns and blacks and will match well with the suit / pants colors mentioned above. Go for it, not flashy at all....
A qucik entry of Allen Edmonds folowed by your size in ebay will pull up many selsctions from the factory in your size, some dc'd and some seconds, all good values IMO.
Run!!! Unless you've got $$ to burn
Anyone ever order a suit and had it seem like something wasn't quite right about it. Recently order an Armani and sent it back, felt VERY cheap (material and cut), are some of the items "copies" of the originals?
While I believe the consensus is that the jacket is certainly not current, may I suggest it's possible it's also a copy? Has anyone ever seen a Hugo Boss jacket without the country of origin listed on the hang loop at the neck? This one has no text, the BOSS BLACK suits in my closet all list HUGO BOSS and country of origin on the loop. Also seems odd that the BOSS tag is attached on the INSIDE of the jacket (see ebay photos) and to the pocket? I've never seen anything...
Looking for a nice pair of Santoni Garson or Kenton in black size 10 D. Please send a PM if you have a reasonably priced pair for sale. Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan FYI that isn't the 'real' Valentino. +1. This suit is not the authentic "Valentino" you likely believe you're purchasing. The suit does look fine, but check out how the positioned the tag on the front of the jacket, for some reason they must have "accidently" tried to hide the "Marco" before the Valentino. If you believe you're getting a true Valentino suit for $329 you would not be doing so if you decide...
Ordered a few pair of the Viccel socks from Turkey about a week ago, still haven't arrived. Has anyone had any experience with those yet, they certainly are priced right?
Looks like the quick review is spot on, and perhaps the masses are appropriately losing some weight or taking up the gym routine. If it's the manufacturers or designers that are behind the movement or trend it can, and should, only be considered a good thing, it might enspire some of those that spend too may hours behind the desk or on the sofa to take note and get into shape. Hopefully the slimmer cuts sticks around for a bit longer this go around
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