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These look great with navy and I'm sure they'll look great with a med grey as well, no worries
+1 on authenticating at a local jewler, seller should be very open for a $900 watch. e-Bay feedback (with 99%+ and a significant count) is usually a reasonable option, use your credit card / PayPal and you have very reasonable buyer protection. I have a fe using this approach and have saved about 60% - 70%
In shoe bags / with shoe trees in the closet on the floor
STP is great. Excellent return policy and lots of top end brands if you subscribe to the e-flyer.
The watch looks like something Flavor Flav would wear. If you want big go for the PAM111
The black buttons are likely to look better and changing them out will be a PITA. Correct in the belt / shoe match, taking on the buttons is extreme so leave them alone.
Lot's of good stuff from their spring / summer lines on DEEP discounts (85% off there original YOOX price). Be cautious with their final sale merchandise, some off their merchandise fits a bit strange for some reason, that's likely why it drops so deeply in price. Their standard return policy is great otherwise.
There's lots of info on this topic if you go to the search function at the top of the SF home page... Be sure to check the return policy before an online shoe purchase, if it's generous liek that of many internet retailers you'll be fine. If you can't send the shoes back due to a poor fit you're best bet is to take a pass.
Quote: Originally Posted by harburn Style is critical. This is not "Comfort Forum". Very good! But take the time to do it right and get both, patience and persistence will keep you walking well into old age, ill fitting shoes = messed up feet
Quote: Originally Posted by Timeless Fashion I believe BB has non-iron shirts that are 100% cotton and not a synthetic blend, but has specially been treated to be non-iron. Their slim fit shirts are still not that slim, but you can certainly have their or an outside tailor alter it to fit you. I have a few of the BB slim fit no iron shirts, not a bad choice for traveling. Don't go with the beige you described, you can get good quality wool...
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