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Quote: Originally Posted by heaven7 Go with the polka dot. I have a pet peeve involving striped ties with striped suits. +1. Too busy. The dot tie should work just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I rarely take slip ons for a business trip. When traveling on business the most versatility and comfort comes from two pairs of oxfords that I rotate. I can dress them up or dress them down. I also just don't like the looks of any of the elastic sided dress slip ons. To me they look tacky and rather odd. I have no problem tying my shoes after getting through security. +1. More often than not...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Could be a tad longer, but there's nothing really wrong with it as is. Overall, it actually fits pretty damned good. +1. But if you're asking, will you ever truly be comfortable wearing it?
+1. Terra Chips Salt and Vinegar Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 salt and vinegar is the king of all crisps
Nice shirts priced right, PM sent
Beautiful Corneliani SC, too bad it's not my size. Bump for a great seller!
Interested in the Barba shirts, would you please post sleeve length for both?
Beautiful shirts, nothing in 15.75? ;-(
Agree. The unbuckling and buckling is a PITA and can't possibly good foe the leather. Use a shoe horn and you're all set. Quote: Originally Posted by WRAdvisor I don't unbuckle. I like to keep them the way they are so I'm not bending the leather more than I have to. If you have a shoe horn, you should be all set.
sounds about right. I wouldn't spend the money to try and make this one perfect, alterations below would be close enough for this suit. Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Yes and yes, the suit is a bit big but still seems to fit well in the shoulders so this can be fixed. I would just shorten the sleeves a bit and have the sides of the jacket taken in. That should remedy the situation.
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