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Price drop
Pictures posted, jacket available
NEW WITH TAGS / Made in Italy POLO II RALPH LAUREN 100% Wool Sport Coat THREE BUTTON FRONT / DOUBLE VENTED / MINIMAL SHOULDER PADDING Measures 26" shoulder seam to end of cuff / 32" BOC Original retail on this is ~ $1000 / $179 shipped US via PayPal Personal Uploaded with [IMG=][/IMG] [IMG=][/IMG]
Beautiful pair of NOS Allen Edmonds MacNeil longwings / wingtips in Cordovan. These have never seen the floor, and have never even been laced. Size is 10.5D. Original soles seperating a bit, will need to be reglued. No box included. Please PM with any questions. Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma You can't wear a striped suits in American offices? You guys are a bunch of degenerate sheepfuckers. The topic was black suits and the office. Should be ok if your office is where you're conducting weddings or funerals.
These soles look like they've still got lots of life left in them. Waiting until you see a hole is waiting too long, the soft or spongy feel described above is a good guage and something you should be able to feel if you push your thumb against the sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood You're not gonna get any love for that post. Pet hates of StyleForum include: *Black Suits *Black shirts with black Suits *People who post about the above when reading just two or three threads would show them how much they are hated. If you want to avoid a shitstorm just close the thread and read the forum. +1. Can't believe it hasn't started yet?
[quote=lasbar;3438876]It is not a mullet... It's a Gekko
Doc is right, I'm sure it's happened lots of times to many of us. Be happy you found the YOOX site, you'll do very well over time as it's a great online retailer with a great overall set of policies and promotions. Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Do they still have your size? Often there's only one available. Pulling the trigger early -- and paying more -- can be the difference in getting an item and not getting an item. If you got the last...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Lovely! The suit is beautiful, the second Ive purchased from this great seller!
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