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Answered through PM but just to recap-my loafers also have a bit of slip but it fits well. I am assuming that some heel slip may be inevitable for this type of loafers.
How did you alter/tailor the wings + horns pants?
looking good guys. j-you finally got the wwm parka.
Anyone know where I can still get a pair of RRL officer chinos in 31's? Thanks.
^I am a bit surprised myself since they are brand new and a popular cut/size which almost never goes on sale at retail stores. Shoes are pending and further drop on the APC.
Bought the navy trail oxfords and the beefroll loafers from LOST & FOUND in Toronto. Really great store and the owner (jhoo04) is very friendly and knowledgeable. Can't wait to get some Unis Gio chinos from Lost & Found.
RKD-looks good. I am glad the parka found a good home.
Shorts sold. Drops on rest.
Price drop.
New Posts  All Forums: