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^Thanks. I like simple and well fitting things since I cannot (or really want to) pull off some of the more avant garde looks, which looks great on certain SF members. Seeing some of your pics, I think we have similar tastes. Jacket is WWM trail parka from S/S 2011. Pants are Wings + Horns from last year.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhoo04 Thanks Paul! I finally did...I may have grabbed the gold one as well...I don't want to talk about it. Hey Jonathan, make sure you get the red one as well
Answered through PM but just to recap-my loafers also have a bit of slip but it fits well. I am assuming that some heel slip may be inevitable for this type of loafers.
How did you alter/tailor the wings + horns pants?
looking good guys. j-you finally got the wwm parka.
Anyone know where I can still get a pair of RRL officer chinos in 31's? Thanks.
^I am a bit surprised myself since they are brand new and a popular cut/size which almost never goes on sale at retail stores. Shoes are pending and further drop on the APC.
Bought the navy trail oxfords and the beefroll loafers from LOST & FOUND in Toronto. Really great store and the owner (jhoo04) is very friendly and knowledgeable. Can't wait to get some Unis Gio chinos from Lost & Found.
RKD-looks good. I am glad the parka found a good home.
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