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Thanks jslade. EG sold and price drop on the Wings + Horns pants.
most likely an 8. did you get the cameraman?
^the terry fits true to size. i have a small and it measures 19.5-20". i wear a small in EG, WWM,...
Thanks for the shirt. Buy his stuff!
also, i would ask zissou who has the same colorway jacket and he helped me with my sizing long time ago.
not sure about selling it easily. i bought mine at context for full price ($1240) and have no regrets but since there is a new 2011 cameraman coming out so serious NC fans may want the new one.
It depends. Did the shirts I sent you fit well? I have a 46 in navy and it fits me fine. If you want to wear it slim you may need a 44. $820 is a great deal imo.
Wings + Horns pants added.
BoO and Ervell sold. Drop on the EG.
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