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^Looks good synth More boring stuff
Quote: Originally Posted by Brinbro What pants? W+H chinos? Like the sheen... Yes, Wings + Horns. [quote=jslade;4622179]Really like the fit of the pants, bowvalley. Epaulette detail on the shirt kinda screams Express to me, though. That's cold bro (but kind of funny and true). The shirt is Apolis by the way. WWM looks good. Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Nice jacket. Deets? Thanks. The jacket is...
Boring stuff.
Thanks jslade. EG sold and price drop on the Wings + Horns pants.
most likely an 8. did you get the cameraman?
^the terry fits true to size. i have a small and it measures 19.5-20". i wear a small in EG, WWM,...
Thanks for the shirt. Buy his stuff!
also, i would ask zissou who has the same colorway jacket and he helped me with my sizing long time ago.
not sure about selling it easily. i bought mine at context for full price ($1240) and have no regrets but since there is a new 2011 cameraman coming out so serious NC fans may want the new one.
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