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Price drop to $85.
Price drop to $130.
Price drop to $90.
Price drop to $140.
Apolis Activism Philantropist Tote Bag Fabric from Uganda; Made in USA. Used once; in perfect condition. Dark green (military green-real color is reflected best in the close-up picture). Measures 15" x 15". Shipped from Canada. $145 --> $110
Engineered Garments 19th Century BD Shirt New with tags. From S/S 2011. Made in New York. 100% cotton. Blue, red, and yellow madras pattern. Size small: shoulders 17", chest 20", and sleeves 26.0".
Nom de Guerre Resistance Field Shirt From S/S 2010. Made in Japan. 100% cotton. Charcoal/dark green color. Worn but in great condition (some minor fading after a cold wash). Size is small: shoulders 17", chest 20.5", length 27", and sleeve 25.5". Shipped from Canada. $95 --> $90 --> $85 --> $80 --> $75 --> $70 --> $65
^Looks good synth More boring stuff
Quote: Originally Posted by Brinbro What pants? W+H chinos? Like the sheen... Yes, Wings + Horns. [quote=jslade;4622179]Really like the fit of the pants, bowvalley. Epaulette detail on the shirt kinda screams Express to me, though. That's cold bro (but kind of funny and true). The shirt is Apolis by the way. WWM looks good. Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Nice jacket. Deets? Thanks. The jacket is...
Boring stuff.
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