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Well, I won't hold you accountable and will enable your shitty thread starting by contributing to this thread.
I have absolutely no rational basis for believing this, but I suspect Ted Cruz is a pedophile.
Crazy to see that 60% of Iowa Republicans voted for a black or hispanic candidate.They should. Anyone else but Rubio will, in the long-term, hurt the party. Cruz is an asshole and no one will work with him. He'll lose the primary (although I would love it if he faced Clinton and she was arrested and he was ruled ineligible). Trump will make the party even whiter.
A line staff person would have likely been fired for doing that even with non-classified emails. I can't believe anyone is actually defending her on this, especially after the incredibly lame excuses she's offered up, including expecting people to believe she thought "wiping" her computer meant cleaning it with a rag. Actually, I can believe it, because some people are mindless partisans no matter what. I'm obviously conservative, but if a Democrat has to win, I want it...
Most of them. I have a permit. Almost never carry.
Is your humongous penis going to fit in those pants? And aren't you worried about the two supermodels you're bringing smearing their makeup on your jacket?
I suspect if we got rid of all the drugs, there would be no more drug overdoses.And I like how you phrased it as "massacres" and not murders, thus dodging an analysis of the effect of the ban on the crime rate. Clumsy, but still pretty cute. You're showing some signs of life, I like it.
New Posts  All Forums: