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Well....there are quite a few Congressmen who abuse the shit out of expense reimbursement. Also, when your investments outperform everyone else, you don't need to save as much.But yea, on its face, $150k in Washington, DC is solidly middle class.
You do realize that current HOF's play against average current NBA players right? Or have my 39 years left me so befuddled that I've missed a giant rule change?
An unsolicited update - I worked hard at delegating - setting ground rules and then just letting people get stuff done. Now I feel like I rarely do any actual work and spend most of my time doing public appearances, working the political process when I have to, and putting out the occasional fire. It's a funny balance.Still get copied on way too many emails, but given that I work in government and have a certain type of workforce, I don't see that changing any time soon.
A friend of mine got his at NYU and learned a lot. Now does M&A for Holland & Knight.
Wear it into the pawn shop and then never again.
Oh come on, modern starting centers like Mason Plumlee, Kosta Koufous, and Andrew Bogut would just dominate those guys, am I right?
Plumbers, pest control guys, electricians - all make good money and they can't be outsourced.
Oscar's completely wrong about Steph Curry. His scoring would go down a bit just because of there not being a three point line. But defenses then packed the middle. Curry would be unguarded for most of his shots.A funny misperception about Wilt - you always hear "he never played against anyone his height". But the median starting center his rookie year was 6'9.5", and his last season it was 6'10". The current median is 6'11". So he had a whopping 1.5" advantage.
I genuinely don't mean this as a personal attack, but comments like this are part of the reason why. The left's overuse of the word "racist" has made it a virtually meaningless label.
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