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Show me a poll that has Trump beating Clinton.
I occasionally play in a pick-up soccer game that's almost all Arab. The hilarious thing is they shout "Allahu Akbar" after goals and a Persian friend and I look at each other and mime ducking.
Yeah, God forbid he come back to drag the GOP into the 21st century.Seriously, look at exit polls. Almost every educated GOP voter under 35 went Marco.You're not going to be able to win in ten years by catering to uneducated young whites and cranky ass old white people. Hell, you won't be able to win in November, according to every single poll out there.He's a walking stereotype - the rich kid who cries when people are mean to him. Who self-consciously brags about his...
The current crop? Rubio, with Bernie a distant second. I've met him a half-dozen or so times and he's really likable, even when he's not "on". Rubio's wife is strongly Catholic, so she pulls him further to the right on social issues than I like. However, he's smart and works his ass off and I think he can help drag the GOP into the 21st century.Bernie has probably the most integrity of anyone in the race, but his ideas are something you usually hear from an old...
I have posted about Sine Die way too much on SF.I DON'T CARE BITCHES!!!!! IT'S OVER!!!!! BIG WINS THIS SESSIONS MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!
WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another one bites the dust!!!!!
Well good, that should kill off any lingering respect anyone had for Ben Carson.
I'm really conflicted about Paul. I realize he played a crucial role in organizing the church and giving it structure, but a lot of his teachings are, if not in conflict, then certainly in a different tone than the Gospels. I don't think Christ would've supported a lot of his assertions.
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