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Another old white person. Joe's really likable, but this is stupid.
One of the great things about the Trump regime is the issues come so fast you really can't keep up. Like today, Trump Tower began advertising the fact that it has a Secret Service presence in order to attract new tenants. Outrageous. Nobody will care tomorrow, much less today.
The White House - not the government stuff, but the actual residence, costs over $2 billion per year to run (and cost more under GWB than Obama, so this is not some partisan thing). That's ridiculous. We could take that money and easily buy two landing gear for an F-35. Every year. Do that for a decade and we've got twenty landing gear.
What are they going to boycott?
I love that FSU gets to beat Michigan. Should hurt Michigan's recruiting efforts in the area.
? Do tell....
I don't really have a problem with this. I think it's just a matter of time until we do away with "kaffir lime". We already call "jewfish" goliath grouper and have done away with the other name for brazil nuts.
Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello
...and have Hitler as being on the libertarian side of things.
In the late nineties, I spent a week or two in southern to mid-Saskatchewan and was amazed at how bad the road were. Like you literally couldn't go the speed limit because of the potholes. I've always wondered if this was a provincial thing, like Saskatchewan doesn't invest in roads, or a national thing. Or was my limited sample the anomaly and Canadian roads are actually quite good?
New Posts  All Forums: