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BTW - I give the label "kaffir lime" ten more years, tops, until it goes the way of "jewfish", "oriental", etc....
I thought it really added an extra dimension to his overly macho persona to the policemen.
Good or bad, depending on your viewpoint. I'll give you three guesses as to what the colors of our enlightened cultural capital represent:
Spend a few days in Miami and then hit the Florida Keys. A week in Vegas is too much unless you plan to take some side trips to the Grand Canyon and whatnot. A week in South Beach will leave you broke and/or soulless. The Keys have Duval Street (the High Street), lobster diving, reef diving, charter fishing, beaches, etc.
We are routinely spammed by someone selling cheap kitchens in the United Kingdom. Clearly, they've done a lot of market research in selecting this site.
Wire/Shield/Braquo-type Spanish-language crime drama available on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime?
Not a real big fan of lemon. Lime all the way.
New laptop, no touchscreen.Oh, and Obama might not be the greatest President ever.Just giving Jack Smith something to flag.
Windows 8 is so mind-blowingly shitty. I never wanted to go back to Apple, but I don't see how I have much of a choice. I've given it a month and it's just completely worthless.
like the handle, Cary.
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