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Yeah, but the fact that he can sit out a season and still have a realistic shot for the draft.... If I were a talented running back, I'd probably do the same thing once I established myself as a legitimate prospect. No reason to get Marcus Lattimored.
Between he and Clowney, I worry that they will start a trend.
Very, very, very good advice.Never mingle finances outside of marriage. If you ever doubt this, spend a day in court watching 50% of the docket being taken up by ex-couples suing each other for expenses, loans, etc... incurred during the relationship.When you get married though, wife is number one. And finances will probably be the most common source of arguments.FWIW - My wife and I have separate accounts, but we have a great deal of trust and are on the same page...
BTW - Ed, if you're at the game, you'll get to see how absolutely massive Kelvin Benjamin is. He's the size of a tight end. A few plays after that, you'll notice that he blocks less than Jameis fucking Winston. It's infuriating; it's pretty much the only thing I've focused on this season.
Clemson v. FSU is No. 3 v. No. 6. Two coaches who regularly, yet inexplicably, shit the bed in big (and not so big) games - Dabo v. Jimbo. Can't wait. Best game since Alabama v. aTm.
Echo what everyone else said. The only thing I didn't like was the sometimes intrusive score. Visually, it's an amazing movie. Angelina Jolie would've been terrible in that role. I don't even know why she would be considered.
Enjoy Maryland, Big Ten.
So if Maryland had their starting quarterback for four quarters instead of one and half, they would've actually scored? Again, did you watch the game? Maryland pulled out all the stops. They were running a hurry-up offense down 56 points.
And Jameis Winston is ridiculously good. He's one of the few that actually live up to the hype. Definitely on his way to being the third consecutive FSU quarterback drafted in the first round.
Did you watch the game? I'm not sure having Scott Milanovich or Boomer Esiason back in there would've helped Maryland win.
New Posts  All Forums: