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Urban Meyer is such a raging hemorrhoidal asshole. Really, he's pretty much the only coach I hate. Dude's challenging the spot of the ball in that game? Yeah, it was a bad spot, but still....
Left the game at halftime despite having eighth row seats. Winston had 229 yards passing in the first quarter. Only signs of trouble were difficulty establishing the run and the usual terrible clock management. I swear, if FSU managed the clock like Oregon, Jameis Winston's stats would be insane.
This thread is hilarious.
Because the NCAA is so inconsistent. Because frequently the NCAA hasn't gone lenient on self-reporters (e.g. FSU). Because the NCAA typically doesn't behave the way you're describing.
Or once a day go around the fence and put knives through the zombies' inconsistently soft skulls. Seriously it's amazing. Hundreds of zombie skulls, lined up for you at eye level. It's the perfect scenario.Do this once a day for a week and all the zombies in the county would be gone.
Slow moving zombies would never take over the world, for reasons I've mentioned before ad nauseum. So the whole premise is flawed. If you keep watching, you need to accept that the producers and writers are going to have to have some unbelievable shit occur in order for the zombies to be threatening.
Offenses generally improve as the season goes on. Besides, the fact that you think the offense is bad is a pretty good indication it's going to get better.
I think 'Bama's lines are better than ours and I don't see us beating them. I love this team, but I guess I'm too jaded to drink that much Koolaid yet.
Jameis Winston needs contacts, but he's still an amazing football (and baseball) player. Would love it if he led us to an NC and a CWS. The crazy thing is that this was supposed to be something of a rebuilding year. Our top five defensive linemen, best cornerback, best linebacker, a couple of pretty good receivers, and our quarterback all graduated/got drafted last year. I thought next year was going to be the year. And it still might be. We usually have one...
Same here.
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