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It's when an effeminate man takes a pink cashmere tie and wraps it tightly around his scrotum.
Yes, a good office manager what the Democrats need in their most visible post. After getting their asses kicked in the last two elections.
Probably the most sane analysis I've seen.
Moments of zen.
I'm a conservative and have literally never heard anyone make the "style" argument. Anecdote is not evidence, however, and I'm sure in a nation of tens of millions of gun owners you can find people who do care.
No. "AR-15" is the preferred nomenclatures for all firearms that can't fit into a breadbasket.
Perhaps I should have said "in context". And the examples I mentioned aren't confined to the "other side of the partisan aisle".This is nothing new. The guy with the gun is an anomaly, but the rest has been happening for decades, if not centuries. Some people still believe Coke has/had cocaine in, FFS.
This seems to be a Canadian specialty.
In fairness, how many businesses have been harassed by equally specious racism or sexism or religious/anti-religious claims? The only thing new is the alleged oppressor.
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