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Yikes, I think this thread is going to have some very depressing content and some rather regrettable posts. Of course, maybe if after every terrorist attack Westerners weren't lectured on how bigoted they are towards Islam some of that steam wouldn't build up.
Hey - at least he didn't get shot!
I love 21st Amendment beers but their location is shitty. Love Faction tho.
To quote the great Nick Harkaway: And don't tell me the end justifies the means because it doesn't. We never reach the end. All we ever get is means. That's what we live with.
Gosh Ted Cruz, it's terrible that an opponent's campaign is releasing (possibly) false stories about you. Is it okay if we just go ahead and tell everyone that you've dropped out of the race?
Reread his post - if anything, you're reinforcing his point.
Yet the article doesn't compare all the freedom we've given up for causes that harm even fewer people than Islamic terrorism. This is a silly example, but think of all the shit we do now because of the lack of tort reform. We all accept it as normal now that every truck in America has to have a screeching backup alarm. That every product has to come with the stupidest warning labels imaginable. That a simple fender bender costs $3,000 in repairs because of stupid...
That's sick.
But it's the fractional crazies at the ends who blow shit up. I'm not worried about Ahmed down the street who thinks Jews pulled off 9-11. I'm even acquaintances with a few of those guys. I'm worried about the guy who believes it enough to bomb a school or subway.
I'd bet a month's pay that guy lives nowhere near a "no-go zone"
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