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There's traffic, but not too bad.
Miami and it's not even close. It's truly as out of the country you can get without leaving the mainland. I'm not big on South Beach, but there is a great fried chicken place there (Yardbird).
The crazy thing to me was how dishonest the NYT's coverage was. one of the first articles said she'd been drugged, when it was already public that the tox report was negative. Really kinda scary.Another thing that came out was how fucked up policing was. I read a story about how athletes frequently have their charges dropped (imagine that, when you get an attorney, you don't get as many charges). In Tallahassee, 50% of men between the ages of 18-23 have their charges...
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You realize there is as much evidence that Bill Clinton raped a woman as there is that Jameis Winston did, right? And spare me the "cops didn't investigate" bullshit the NYT came up with. The woman claimed she'd been hit in the head and knocked out. When told they found no evidence of that, she claimed she'd been drugged. When told the drug test came back negative, she said she'd been drunk. When the BAC came back negative, she basically said she was scared into it. ...
Played a full game of soccer in 100 degree heat with 90 humidity. At center mid. After the game someone handed me one of these: The can. Drank it in about three swallows. Best thing I've had this summer. I know it's a very light girly beer, but it's damn near perfect for post exercise in the summer.
What is the basis for this hypothesis? Is there a reason you are issuing this rather bold statement? I swear, every few yearis someone declares that the forum is dead. Is you think it is dead, just post more.
I see Rick Perry has entered the race. I've met him in person a few times. He comes across very well on television.
He's gotten a shitload of money (or at the very least a two year loan at 0%) in return for sending a few emails and making a few posts. I'd hardy call that delusional.The people who think he's actually going to deliver, on the other hand....
This thread has convinced me that I need to develop a multi-level marketing clothing company.
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