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Hmmmm.....I have a feeling that might be appearing in the "Fake Hate Crime Thread" soon. That graffiti is way too neatly written.
Yes, with ready access to real bacon being one of the key metrics.
Who enjoy the highest standard of living of black people anywhere. Kind of sad.
You know, you could always take one or two in. How much have you donated to the aid organizations?
FTFY. That game is gonna be ugly. Dabo will need to Dabo his ass off for FSU to have a chance of winning that.
People who protest Sea World but own a castrated dog that they keep locked in an 800 square foot apartment for most of the day
If I wanted to get increasingly drunken and incoherent texts where somebody talks about meeting up but we both know we never will, I have a handful of exes I could contact. Just sayin'.
Might be up there too
I hope it stays that way.
New Posts  All Forums: