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I always felt bad that he got sidelined for that sorry ass Chris Simms.
I think Bonnie Tyler has this category on lock down, if only because it's a popular song and they weren't trying to be edgy or nihilistic or unique. It's an earnest video featuring ninjas, wrestlers, zombies, half-naked football players, fencing, tinges of pedophilia, haunted prepubescent boys, etc...
No I didn't.You're an ass, I'm just an idiot.
Me neither. I got the screen narrowing thing for a few days, but never any popups.
Naw, Western men's testosterone levels have been falling for the last thirty years. I do think these speech patterns are more common among lefties, but I think testosterone is less common among lefties (and I don't say that as an insult, the world would be as bad with no estrogen as it would with no testosterone, if not worse).
Huh? The pregame camera shot of Duke's locker room told me all I needed to know. I kept telling my wife - this game's over. Duke didn't have the athletes, couldn't control the line. Jameis had the worst game of his career and FSU scored over 40.Did you really think Jameis would take no for an answer?
I've heard two men doing the vocal fry the last month. It's bizarre. And as risk-aversion becomes a national obsession we're all using more qualifiers. @MrG and I were talking about this a while back. We were discussing plans for something and he said something like "I'm pretty sure I'll definitely think about it." I busted his chops, but I do it all the damn time too. Once you notice it, it's all you ever hear.
Her boyfriend at the time. Guy lives in Ohio. Meggs hinted that it was an older specimen than Winston's. Like I said, I feel bad that her sex life is getting played out in the national media.
Upon reading the police report and the investigations, this shit should've been closed a long time ago. Absolutely ridiculous. Both the alleged victim's statements (they differed) weren't backed up by evidence. No evidence of head trauma, no evidence of sexual assault, .04 BAC, no indication of date rape drugs. She might have been pressured into doing something she didn't want to do, but by bringing up all the rest of it, she pretty much invalidated her whole story. I...
LOL. Getting "ROLLED" is losing by a touchdown? With your backup quarterback?For folks who don't get your rooster quote, Chris Weinke was hurt for that game so FSU had to play their backup quarterback in that game - Marcus "Rooster' Outzen. He was terrible and played a scrambling style that was completely different than Weinke.Yep. Weinke threw six picks that game. True story - the sixth interception was the last interception he threw for the next 237 passes - an ACC...
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