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RELee is a real conflicted area for me. Which is appropriate, because he was a very, very deeply conflicted man. But his decision to fight for the South is baffling, however tortured he was about it. He didn't own slaves and said just before the war broke out, to address talk it would be a quick short war:So he knew it would be a long bloody war, he knew the South would lose, he knew the South's cause was unjust, yet still felt that deep tribal allegiance and led the...
Nothing about the Confederate flag-waving white guy in Iowa who ambushed two cops? Total lone wolf, but what a piece of shit. Who would want to be a cop these days? I grew up in the South in a family that, on my mom's side, had deep deep roots. Fought for the Confederacy, etc... I used to love the Confederate flag. Had a flag in my bedroom and at least one t-shirt. Until I lived in Montana and saw at least a dozen assholes flying it. Not a single one that I asked...
How many human personality traits have been shown to have a genetic link? Are we north of a 100 by now? You can look at a dog, raised on concrete and a New York penthouse, still turning around in a circle before he goes to bed and see it's true. Or the cormorants in the Galapagos who lost their ability to fly millennia ago, yet still sit there and dry their wings.It's hilarious that evo psych is becoming a third rail in right-thinking academia yet epigenetics is somehow...
Just read The Hike by Drew Magary. My favorite book of the year. Don't really know why. I just liked it a lot.
You make a great argument.
Rereading The Tommyknockers by Stephen King and starting The Fireman by his son Joe Hill. Tommyknockers gets a lot of criticism, but I'm really enjoying (it's been at least 20 years since I read it). Beats the hell out of 11/22/63.
That's my normal reading pace. Has been ever since I can remember. And I absorb it. The benefits of having two bookstore owners as parents and no friends to distract me as a child.
Ethan is nothing if not consistent.
Depends on the subject matter. If it's John Grisham, I can do about 90-100 pages per hour. If it's something with more meat, around 70-80. Grief Observed took me forever, but I found it extremely thought provoking. I've always been a really fast reader - was the second person done on the Bar Exam, (but certainly not the highest scoring). It's kind of funny at work because subordinates hand me things to read and I read them and hand them back and they don't believe I...
The ESPN Hype Machine Wheel has apparently landed on Texas A&M as an up-and-coming national championship contender. The same Texas A&M team that was taken to double overtime by a Tennessee team that committed seven turnovers.
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