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Christ, what a string of luck for the Dems. I'm not sure they could get hoisted any higher on their own petard. They'll bounce back, but fuck... Obama belittles Romney for thinking Russia is a threat. Russia meddles in the election, probably leading to Romney as SoS. Belittle cybersecurity only to be hacked. Do their best to ensure Trump is the GOP nominee and then get beaten by Trump Assail Trump for stating he might not accept the result of the election, now in the...
From my experience, the international media is not nearly as rose-colored glasses with Obama as most American conservatives believe.
Suddenly, Democrats are very concerned about the confidentiality of electronic data. Not seeing the big deal about the wikileaks. Clinton lost because of poor minority turnout, and the media exhaustively reports real and supposed Republican misdeeds. And the leaks were primarily "inside baseball" that I don't think the type of people of voted for Trump parsed out anyway. The ultimate result was just more information. Don't see how that's a bad thing. It's scary that...
Maybe true, and totally agree on the suicides, but something tells me the people overdosing from oxy weren't living into their late seventies anyway.
LGBTQQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning and two-spirit) What is two spirit? How have I missed this? And what is the distinction between queer and gay or lesbian?
Demographic shifts + rising obesity. There. Solved the mystery.
Yeah, that's the well-worn snark about it. Because libertarianism and Sharia law and pretty much indistinguishable.(I'm only mostly sarcastic with that last sentence).
Finland - you guys were the darlings in the education world, but you slipped in the latest rankings. Might I suggest less vodka, immigrants, and naked lounging? Still undecided on the keeping babies-in-boxes thing. Mongolia - your country needs some trees. Get a World Bank loan and plant some of those things. Hungary - your name makes it hard to take you seriously. Change it to something like Paprikastan. Chile - see Hungary. New Zealand - why keep a Dutch name,...
It's when an effeminate man takes a pink cashmere tie and wraps it tightly around his scrotum.
Yes, a good office manager what the Democrats need in their most visible post. After getting their asses kicked in the last two elections.
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