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That really was surprising. FSU's cupboard is pretty bare this year. But it's early/preseason, everyone's sloppy so I wouldn't be surprised to see more upsets.
You should see me when it's my shift on the Neighborhood Watch.
I haven't said your posts are the least bit inappropriate. I'm just talking trash. I don't dislike you, I don't know you. If you have been taking my posts seriously, I'm sorry, I'll stop going after you. Didn't mean to make you feel like Johnathan Martin.
Sorry guys, deleted the pics of the woman. I really don't think it's appropriate. We're not 4Chan yet.
Not much. People suspected as much.UF leads the NCAA in player arrests the last decade, has an alumni on trial for multiple murders, another player that apparently threatens to kill every girl he's involved with and you're at home hatejacking it to a guy that hasn't even been charged with anything.Really man, every time you post in this thread it's like a validation of how everyone feels about UF. And for that, I am grateful to you.He's awful. He's had the position for...
Bumped into Leonard Hamilton, basketball coach, outside the FSU-Syracuse game. He looks a lot like Bunny Colvin.
Obscure as hell and really a CSB - but Sammie Smith, former FSU running back, played for the Dolphins. Hung out at our tailgate before the UM game, I think mainly because we recognized him and offered him free food and beer. Told some great stories. He got convicted in 1996 of being one of the key players in a huge cocaine ring, supplied most of Central Florida. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/1995-09-16/news/9509160176_1_sammie-smith-zellwood-drug-dealer A few of...
That can be waived if the President, AD, and coach agree. Well, you can at least practice if that happens. Travis Johnson, a defensive tackle about five years ago got hit with a really specious rape charge (and it took less then a month to charge him, FWIW). Again Leon County is the most liberal in Florida and a good chunk of the powers-that-be resent the football team for tarnishing their Berkeley-of-the-South bit. The prosecutors, if not the cops, love going after...
TMZ should teach a seminar on how to write a slanderous article without being sued.It's a weird situation:It's been almost a year since the incident.Winston isn't named in the police reportAssailant is described as 5'9" - 5'11", Winston is 6'4"The Tallahassee State Attorney is infamous for dropping the hammer on football players, but Jameis hasn't been charged.Report leaked the day after Stanford beat Oregon and FSU's path to the NC game was made easy.FSU's backup...
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