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I wipe mine with my massive schlong. That's in no way gay, it just shows how alpha I am. Really.
Outer Dark is probably my second favorite book of his. Completely demented, but really good.
Just finished McCarthy's screenplay The Counselor. First book of his I've been unimpressed with.
Outer Dark
The NCAA is just trying to do the right thing. The association of alcohol with college sports is just ludicrous, indulged by only a deviant few. I know the NCAA, if it could, would ban the consumption of alcohol before games (which would also increase attendance). But it can't, so it's at least making the powerful gesture of trying to rename this game.
Urban Meyer is such a raging hemorrhoidal asshole. Really, he's pretty much the only coach I hate. Dude's challenging the spot of the ball in that game? Yeah, it was a bad spot, but still....
Left the game at halftime despite having eighth row seats. Winston had 229 yards passing in the first quarter. Only signs of trouble were difficulty establishing the run and the usual terrible clock management. I swear, if FSU managed the clock like Oregon, Jameis Winston's stats would be insane.
This thread is hilarious.
Because the NCAA is so inconsistent. Because frequently the NCAA hasn't gone lenient on self-reporters (e.g. FSU). Because the NCAA typically doesn't behave the way you're describing.
Or once a day go around the fence and put knives through the zombies' inconsistently soft skulls. Seriously it's amazing. Hundreds of zombie skulls, lined up for you at eye level. It's the perfect scenario.Do this once a day for a week and all the zombies in the county would be gone.
New Posts  All Forums: