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I voted for him in 2008 in the primaries, IIRC. Unfortunately, I voted early and he dropped out of the race before the actual FL elections. Never early voting again.
Careful with that antisemitic word. Also, Rex Tillerson is now Jewish.http://therightscoop.com/rex-tillerson-definition-globalist-bill-kristol/
Republican Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska, said pretty much this very thing in a speech to the Federalist Society. Essentially, just because "our guy" is in office, doesn't mean we should lose our commitment to reigning in the power of the executive branch.But yeah, I'm sure the Left will be able to find plenty of Republicans (especially evangelicals) who abandon their values and therefore the Dems can label the whole party as hypocrites. Just like the Gators are a bunch of...
There's no mention of a motive. I suspect he was pissed off at the mosque or its leadership and not trying to fabricate a hoax (although the timing, Christmas Day is a little suspect, the fact that he did it at 2:00 pm isn't very secretive).
As has been repeated ad nauseum in the... more diverse.... Trump thread, why the hell are American "conservatives" defending the Russians interference in American elections?
It's gonna be a shitshow, but I think he'll drift leftward and eventually the Ataturks and the Meisters of the world will grow disillusioned. Which will make the CE a more congenial, if slightly less flamey, place.
Well, somebody does. I read a study a while back that we have, by far, the most traffic signs per kilo in the world. Which certainly feels correct. My quiet neighborhood has those stupid signs that warn of a stop sign at the next intersection in the middle of every single block and even has stop signs on the fucking sidewalk. It's an eyesore.
That it was no big deal that the SoS stored her email server in a barn. And I get it would've been hacked anyway, but it's still funny.Obama's administration actually did a lot to promote investment in IT in government. Which is a good thing. (preaching to the choir, I know)
Thanks for the parse. Am on mobile and didn't pull up the actual article.
Why do many of those countries' life expectancies go down when fatal injuries are excluded? Am I missing something obvious?
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