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That can be waived if the President, AD, and coach agree. Well, you can at least practice if that happens. Travis Johnson, a defensive tackle about five years ago got hit with a really specious rape charge (and it took less then a month to charge him, FWIW). Again Leon County is the most liberal in Florida and a good chunk of the powers-that-be resent the football team for tarnishing their Berkeley-of-the-South bit. The prosecutors, if not the cops, love going after...
TMZ should teach a seminar on how to write a slanderous article without being sued.It's a weird situation:It's been almost a year since the incident.Winston isn't named in the police reportAssailant is described as 5'9" - 5'11", Winston is 6'4"The Tallahassee State Attorney is infamous for dropping the hammer on football players, but Jameis hasn't been charged.Report leaked the day after Stanford beat Oregon and FSU's path to the NC game was made easy.FSU's backup...
Can't believe Wake can't get anything going against this terrible FSU defense. They could learn a thing or two from Will Muschamp
Oregon's only played two teams with winning records. Not sure it's as foregone a conclusion as many think.
I deleted the "Conversations with Jack Smith" thread. Wasn't really egregious or anything, and Jack Smith might have enjoyed the attention, but it rubbed me the wrong way. To use the bar analogy - if all someone does is nod their head at someone else's comments, and they're a good customer, I don't think they deserve the cool kids making fun of them. But Bhowie, feel free to start a thread about what gigantic vagina moderators me and MrG are. Especially MrG.
So glad this asshole got fired again. Maybe this will be the last time.
2009. Damn time flies.
Maybe in 20 years, but not right now. FFS, you have Hillary Clinton actually making a joke at a speech, recently, that if "Gandhi were alive today he'd work at a 7-11". And she's the current Democratic frontrunner for 2016.I'll save you the effort, Jack Smith, and flag this post myself.
I got about a hundred pages in. It's back on my shelf. And I LOVE Florida History.
New Posts  All Forums: