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What a mess. Jameis is going to come out of the civil trial looking better, her client will look worse, the city about the same, FSU about the same. The city and FSU might throw some hush money, but Winston's attorney is probably looking forward to this. No rape shield in a civil trial. #cleatchasers, the texts to the friend, prior stuff like this is all going to come out. The poor girl really has the worst attorney ever, unless the plan is to play brinksmanship with...
Well......the drinking experience is not that great there: 1. Bars get busy at 11:30, then close at 1:00 am 2. Most bars only accept cash 3. The New England accent is incredibly unattractive on women. "Ohmiyagwuhad, yua shayuldahs ah so brwohad" 4. No drink specials? Seriously? But did do a polar bear plunge in Newport Harbor, drank with a bunch of Navy guys, played soccer in the snow, did the chicken dance with the bride's Portuguese family (portagees love the...
FSU had the top scoring defense in the country. MSU has a slight edge in YPG, but very slim.MSU's defense might have three players drafted this year, and had one drafted last year.Florida State had six defensive players drafted last year and will likely have five drafted this year.At best, it's a wash.
In FSU's defense, Auburn was apparently stealing signals for the first half. The coaching staff hid the signals in the second and was able to do a lot more on offense. In Auburn's defense, when FSU is playing a team with that has its former Quarterbacks Coach on the sideline, they should know that their signals will likely get stolen and play accordingly. Auburn played great. Jameis had his worst game of the year and was 20-35 with 2 tds. Winston plays like a...
Makes perfect sense from an evolutionary psychology viewpoint. We've only been "civilized" for a thousand years or so. We're well-dressed apes. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Aren't you in Boston?
Headed up there this weekend for a wedding. Blizzard on Friday, should be okay by Saturday and Sunday. Any recs?
But Florida State would probably lose against Alabama, and it won't against Auburn. Therefore, your entire argument is invalid.
What tortured definition of the word "plebe" are you using? "Plebe" is entirely appropriate in the context above.
Where did that man's neck go?
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