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Neither does Houston.
I was going to go, but now have a wedding to go to. A wedding on New Year's Eve.
I fucking hate when we get paired up against a shitty non-power 5 team. Last time it was Northern Illinois, whose alleged Heisman contender quarterback (Jordan Lynch, who I'm pretty sure did my tire rotation last week) said, with a straight face, something to the effect of "I don't think Florida State has seen a team with our kind of speed all year."Final score was 31-10, should've been worse. Houston should be more of a challenge, but still....I'll be surprised if it's...
He's certainly the most realistically portrayed.
I think part of the bias is geographic - most of the schools are in "flyover country". Also, the complete lack of defense played is usually held against them.
Notsureifserious. I highlight a disparity in the number of penalties called. You counter by pointing that Miami got five holding penalties (which could be called on every play).
I should've known better. After reviewing the entire game film, a game in which Duke was flagged for 5 penalties and Miami for 23 (not an atypical ratio for a founder vs. FSU/Miami game), the ACC has "privately" apologized to UM. Saw it on twitter, can't find the newslink right now.
Actually, the Pac-12 is not that bad. ACC worst, Big 12 next. Well, the research shows bias, not incompetence. So you may be right. But have Pac-12 refs ever moved the ball during a chain measurement to give a team a first down?
That might be the first time I've ever seen typically shitty ACC officiating favor Miami to the detriment of a "founder" (one of the Carolina schools).
FTFY. That game is gonna be ugly. Dabo will need to Dabo his ass off for FSU to have a chance of winning that.
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