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I should've known better. After reviewing the entire game film, a game in which Duke was flagged for 5 penalties and Miami for 23 (not an atypical ratio for a founder vs. FSU/Miami game), the ACC has "privately" apologized to UM. Saw it on twitter, can't find the newslink right now.
Well, I had tried to edit my post to be civil, but you responded civilly, so I appreciate it. I disagree with your notion that "it's not acceptable to close your doors", but I'll move on.How do you "know" most Syrians will return to Syria?
Ethan, any time you want to take a crack at this, I'm all ears.
Please explain why not letting in 100,000 predominately young male refugees from the Middle East is bad for the citizens of Sweden.
People form governments to preserve their self-interest.There are refugees all over the world. As indicated by the makeup of the refugees, many of them aren't even fleeing Syria, they're fleeing elsewhere in the Middle East or the Third World. Why is it Europe's responsibility to take them in?Put simply, you're insisting that governments must act in the interests of non-citizens as opposed to its own citizens. If that's the case, then why have governments or borders in...
And it takes an even realer man to tell people an ocean away to surrender their culture and way of life because it will make you feel better. Actually, not even that, you're telling a bunch of Americans and Cannucks they should feel that way. To tell residents of a country to fuck off and let other people in. Again, have you taken in any of these refugees yourself? Donated anything to a relief campaign?
No one is making them go beyond, say, Turkey.And since you added that silly internet tough guy non sequitir at the end, let me ask you -Have you ever had to enact government policy affected millions of people? Ever even promulgated a rule or conducted an administrative hearing? Because that's experience that's actually relevant to the discussion, not just some tug-at-the-heart-strings bullshit. The leaders of Europe were elected to represent the best interests of their...
OJFC. They didn't have to worry about being bombed the second they left Syria. Unclutch your pearls.
Sadly enough, it will probably involve killing Jews again. Tragic.
New Posts  All Forums: