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They should make one for human services.You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.Unless you're HHS. Then you spend $500 billion a year encouraging him to have a drink of water and hope maybe his grandkids' grandkids will finally get off of the public dole.
Not to mention the lack of medical care left him crippled the rest of his life and with hellacious scarring.
http://gizmodo.com/bring-on-the-men-sweden-sees-male-surplus-for-first-ti-1779476443 Enjoy the rape!
Smashburger is way overpriced. $14.00 out the door for a burger, coke, and fries, and the patty that you get is pitiful. Five Guys is decent, but I think Wendy's burger is as good, and cheaper. Whataburger is my favorite fast food burger. Perfect drunk food. McDonald's regular hamburger is a good cheap quick lunch. Tastes like moist cardboard, but you get two for less than $2.00, and the calorie count is not too bad.
It's close, but Pippen. Pippen carried that Bulls team into the playoffs. It was him, Horace Grant, and a bunch of guys like Bill Wennington and Toni Kukoc. I don't think Leonard could do the same.
It's been hilarious seeing Dwight Howard outplayed by Andrew Bogut. FFS, what a waste of talent.
Men can identify as women and should be allowed to, unless it's on the subject of abortion, in which case they have absolutely no idea of the issue and should just keep their mouths shut. The further down the rabbit hole we get, the funnier it is.
Give Water Knife, by the same author, a go.
This is probably the best thread on this site. The run on celebrity deaths has me worried that Cormac McCarthy's last book he's writing will never make it out. The guy's in his eighties and hasn't exactly taken good care of himself. And he's been working on three novels for almost 7 years now.
And not to get too off-track, but it would be interesting to study and see if there is a difference between the pleasure people derive from repeated, but variable, expenditures, like a new tie or suit every month or two, and the pleasure derived from a regular luxury expenditure like a mortgage payment on a nicer home or a car payment on a fancy new car.
New Posts  All Forums: