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I seriously had some asshole tell me that this is why we need Donald Trump to close the border. I replied with "damn straight. We don't need Mexicans to take over our mass shootings, we can do that just fine." Got me shaky mad.
Sucks. Hate it.
Welp, I think things are about to get a lot tighter at the borders of Europe.
Or Russia, really. They need to populate Siberia or China's gonna grab it.Yep, there's the old internet tough guy again. Let me know when you actually volunteer to host a refugee or donate anything to a refugee aid program, instead of just saying countries far, far away should. Citing your paid military experience in the Iraq invasion as a charitable contribution to the welfare of these refugees is more comedy than an actual response.
Looks like the Mizzou student body president will be added to the thread soon. BTW, it's rather hilarious how the same football team that was facing "rape culture" protests last year is now an SJW favorite.
I wonder if you ever have reasoning behind an argument that doesn't boil down to "I think it's the right thing to do" or "I served in the Mideast".
I think part of the bias is geographic - most of the schools are in "flyover country". Also, the complete lack of defense played is usually held against them.
Notsureifserious. I highlight a disparity in the number of penalties called. You counter by pointing that Miami got five holding penalties (which could be called on every play).
He's right, you know.
New Posts  All Forums: