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I don't know how the end result is anything but vigilantism. Really, this is how the far right rises to power. To put it in a literary context, the people get sick of the Eloi running things and want the Morlocks to take over and keep them safe.
It truly is one of the least inspiring races in my lifetime. The only one that I think comes close is Bush v. Kerry, but there you at least had an incumbent.
Kind of interesting to see liberal suicide over there. Think it emphasizes the need for balance, if anything.
How sad is it that he looks almost good in comparison to the others listed?
But it's less an indicator of a predilection for graft among African-Americans than it is a symptom of the evils of gerrymandering. Any district that is overwhelmingly one ideology tends to disincent accountability by the representative. To focus on black elected officials - look at the ones who come from gerrymandered districts - Alcee Hastings (solicited bribes as a federal judge and then appointed chair of the House Judiciary Committee by Pelosi, LOfuckingL), Cynthia...
Hillary and Bernie's campaign speeches.
No, the thing about Obama criticism = racism that's ridiculous is the fact that the very last Democratic President, Bill Clinton, a hillbilly from Arkansas, was IMPEACHED during the greatest economic prosperity of our lifetimes. Impeached.Obama joyfully steers the economy into the gutter of slow-growth socialism lite and his opponents are racist because they won't rubber-stamp his policies.
Thank goodness the guy was arrested and there were no casualties. I could use a day without a lecture on the evils of Islamophobia.
Yikes, I think this thread is going to have some very depressing content and some rather regrettable posts. Of course, maybe if after every terrorist attack Westerners weren't lectured on how bigoted they are towards Islam some of that steam wouldn't build up.
Hey - at least he didn't get shot!
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