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WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another one bites the dust!!!!!
Well good, that should kill off any lingering respect anyone had for Ben Carson.
I'm really conflicted about Paul. I realize he played a crucial role in organizing the church and giving it structure, but a lot of his teachings are, if not in conflict, then certainly in a different tone than the Gospels. I don't think Christ would've supported a lot of his assertions.
Your avatar has been reported. An inner-city African-American appropriating the culture of obese Midwestern whites is sickening. Have you no decency?
OJFC. Grow up, Finn. Christianity evolved and continues to evolve and become more diverse because of relentless and well-deserved criticism. Treating Islam like the drunk racist uncle who should be accommodated and patronized does nothing to force it to evolve and basically says a big "fuck you" to the hundreds of millions of Muslims who have to live with that shit. Most victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslim. Criticizing Islam is tough. God forbid, you might have...
"Cultural appropriation" is one of the most racist tenets of the American Left. In both theory and application. If carried to it's logical extension, we would all be required to wear ethnic dress, listen to shitty tribal music, and only obey holidays that we could prove we were genetically appropriate for.
Under FBI investigationShe'd be the second-oldest president upon electionShe tells stupid, easily catchable lies. This isn't just a right-wing talking point. Sniper fire in Bosnia, the various Ben-Ghazi stuff, pretending she thought "wiping a computer" meant "like, with a cloth or something". Just obvious, kid-in-the-cookie-jar stuffShe physically unattractive.She's a Democrat succeeding an 8 year Democratic president.Lack of appeal to younger voters.An uncharismatic...
She really is an awful candidate. Clinton v. Trump would make Bush v. Kerry look like a great choice.
Well....there are quite a few Congressmen who abuse the shit out of expense reimbursement. Also, when your investments outperform everyone else, you don't need to save as much.But yea, on its face, $150k in Washington, DC is solidly middle class.
New Posts  All Forums: