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It's been hilarious seeing Dwight Howard outplayed by Andrew Bogut. FFS, what a waste of talent.
Give Water Knife, by the same author, a go.
This is probably the best thread on this site. The run on celebrity deaths has me worried that Cormac McCarthy's last book he's writing will never make it out. The guy's in his eighties and hasn't exactly taken good care of himself. And he's been working on three novels for almost 7 years now.
And not to get too off-track, but it would be interesting to study and see if there is a difference between the pleasure people derive from repeated, but variable, expenditures, like a new tie or suit every month or two, and the pleasure derived from a regular luxury expenditure like a mortgage payment on a nicer home or a car payment on a fancy new car.
I won't articulate this well, but I think one of the key mistakes people make in life is focusing on the revenues side of the equation and not the expenses side. Keeping your expenses down gives you the freedom to work the job you want and not the job you have to in order to keep ahead. A lot of those expenses, especially the recurring monthly ones, are for luxuries that soon just become background expectations. I was struck once about an article in the Wall Street...
I read all that author's books (Ian Anderson, IIRC). Wasp Factory is definitely the best, although he's got one about a lord and lady in a manor in some unnamed war-torn European country that's pretty good.
Rereading Peter Watts' Blindsight and Echopraxia. Brilliant, nihilistic, hard sci-fi. Love it. Book before was Lee Child's Bad Luck and Trouble. Somehow the book was stupider than the title. Think I'm done with the whole Jack Reacher series.
Hey - at least he didn't get shot!
I love 21st Amendment beers but their location is shitty. Love Faction tho.
I have posted about Sine Die way too much on SF.I DON'T CARE BITCHES!!!!! IT'S OVER!!!!! BIG WINS THIS SESSIONS MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!
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