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Any rational arguments for why America should prioritize Syrian refugees over Central and South American and African refugees?
I'd also point out that the US (at least the Feds) offers almost no public assistance to single young poor men. I think any country that accepts a huge amount of single young poor males, of any religion, is going to get an upsurge in crime, social unrest, and instability.
E: X is true.F: Not it's not because, Y.E: You fucking idiot, Z is true.Repeat ad nauseum.Hence all the edited "nm" posts of mine. I feel like a bully picking on him. Shah and Fuuma you can actually argue with and learn something.
On the bright side, that's apparently fewer than the French population as a whole.http://www.newsweek.com/16-french-citizens-support-isis-poll-finds-266795
Citing Leviticus, which was implicitly disavowed in the New Testament, actually makes the case that Christianity has evolved and that Islam needs to.
A few dozen panty-waisted Christians bitch about Starbucks' Christmas cups on twitter and the headlines are "Christians outraged over new Starbucks cup" and the intelligentsia snark for a week. 45% of UK Muslims believe Israel and the US conspired to pull off the 9-11 attacks and the headlines are restricted to a few outlets and the intelligentsia say "that's racist" and move on. Gotta love our society. The intelligentsia dragged Christianity and Western Culture out of...
Thank you for pulling that thread of accuracy out of a sweater of blustery failure. Apparently ISIS says that London, Rome and DC are next. Should be interesting times. Gotta love this line ISIS keeps putting out:Anyone else read that and picture a James Bond villain cackling maniacally afterward?
It's okay to admit you're wrong, nobody's keeping score.
No doubt. ISIS is contained. They're the junior varsity.
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