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I read all that author's books (Ian Anderson, IIRC). Wasp Factory is definitely the best, although he's got one about a lord and lady in a manor in some unnamed war-torn European country that's pretty good.
Rereading Peter Watts' Blindsight and Echopraxia. Brilliant, nihilistic, hard sci-fi. Love it. Book before was Lee Child's Bad Luck and Trouble. Somehow the book was stupider than the title. Think I'm done with the whole Jack Reacher series.
The sad thing is "these people" would be having protests if someone referred to radical muslims as terrifying.
I honestly can't tell if this is supposed to be funny or not. You state that the Klan is not hateful, then follow it up with an anecdote about a man who punched his high school-aged nephew at Christmas because he dated an Asian woman.
Which makes it difficult for, and I'm just throwing out a crazy hypothetical here, a US Secretary of State with a private email server to reward donors to a foundation that primarily benefits her and her husband. It's much easier for the politicians people to do good work and stimulate economies when it's direct, government-to-government aid.
I was offered a position very high up in the Southern Poverty Law Center. One of the reasons I turned it down, aside from the location of the corporate offices, was their obsession with the Klan and labeling hate groups. That seems to be the thing they prided themselves on the most is being the go-to decider of what is a hate group or not. Good for them for finding a niche but a lot of those groups consisted of a dozen or so people who had hung out at one time or...
And GAP had such a masculine, rugged image before this. Pity.
Florida is rather add in that there are many, many Republican latinos. At least half Cuban, but a ton from Colombia, Venezuela, etc....Not to get all Heraclitus on you, but the party changes with every new registration, every person leaving, and every election. Republicans are winning and the unadvertised part is they are winning with quite a few brown people. Hell, the first Haitian-American Congressman is a Republican woman from Utah.I'm one of them. When you...
He's not an empty suit. He has less experience than you prefer, but I've personally worked with him in the state legislature and he's legit. And the current GOP strategy of appealing to angry old white people is not a successful long-term course.
The only two who polls show beating Clinton are Kasich and Rubio. The best possible thing for the GOP would be to run Rubio.
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