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Makes perfect sense from an evolutionary psychology viewpoint. We've only been "civilized" for a thousand years or so. We're well-dressed apes. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Aren't you in Boston?
Headed up there this weekend for a wedding. Blizzard on Friday, should be okay by Saturday and Sunday. Any recs?
But Florida State would probably lose against Alabama, and it won't against Auburn. Therefore, your entire argument is invalid.
What tortured definition of the word "plebe" are you using? "Plebe" is entirely appropriate in the context above.
Where did that man's neck go?
I always felt bad that he got sidelined for that sorry ass Chris Simms.
I think Bonnie Tyler has this category on lock down, if only because it's a popular song and they weren't trying to be edgy or nihilistic or unique. It's an earnest video featuring ninjas, wrestlers, zombies, half-naked football players, fencing, tinges of pedophilia, haunted prepubescent boys, etc...
No I didn't.You're an ass, I'm just an idiot.
Me neither. I got the screen narrowing thing for a few days, but never any popups.
New Posts  All Forums: