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I'm not sure what the point of your rambling about color schemes is, because that's not at all what I was talking about. Nigerians and Kenyans are much more genetically different than Swedes and Japanese. And you seem to also ignore any impact that culture would have on evolution of personality traits.Essentially, your argument boils down to "it's too hard and scary to think about, so let's just keep saying 'everyone's the same'". Which is no better than "climate is...
Guys, guys, guys, relax....she only showed "extreme carelessness" with national security. She deserves a promotion!
To take your question more seriously - all it would take is a slight disposition towards more testosterone to make a nationality more inclined to commit crime. One society's crime is another society's necessary level of aggression
Of course not, Jesus protects humans from evolution.
Humans are the only animal without evolved cognitive and behavioral differences based on geography, gender and social structure. To believe otherwise is racist and sexist. Now come on, let's go make fun of those stupid creationists.
You'd never guess I'm from Florida would you?(And yes, this actually happened.)
This is like the crack addict who gets cracked out, jumps into a pond with alligators, gets half of his arm eaten off and then is irritated at the police who rescue him (again) because they didn't prevent him from jumping in the pond in the first place.
So it was only 275 million pounds per week instead of 350 million? That's your big Gotcha?
Maybe have all the citizens undergo diversity training? Of course, if you're Muslim and the diversity training offends you, you shouldn't have to go.
Human nature. Witness the people who move here from socialist countries that want to make this country more socialist. Or the city folks who move to rural areas and immediately want to make it more urban. Patterns are hard to break.
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