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Two points: Jabril Peppers isn't hurt, he's sitting Derwin James is better and has been out since week 2
But it isn't even the rural states (and I used that term in my initial post, so I'm not attacking you for using it). California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York could pretty much run the rest of the country if the popular vote were established. So federal politicians would have no incentive to listen to anyone else. The Founders couldn't have conceived of how the pace of urbanization would increase.
Yes. They might crack the top 5.
The ACC is the best conference this year and will send the most players to the NFL. Of course, it's always sent a shitload of players to the NFL, but this is one of the first years that there are a lot of good teams in the conference.
Like Haitians? Or Rwandans?
But if the less populous states aren't getting a voice in federal affairs, then why would they stay in the country, aside from threat of violence? Why would Alaska be ruled by California, Florida, and Texas? The point of a federal system is to try to govern a very large and culturally diverse area. Moving towards a "true democracy" (which would result in an oligarchy of Ivy League elites, even more so than we have now) will only encourage the country to break apart.
Not sure which side of the aisle this will please/enrage, but most and soon all of that money has to be spent in the US. It's welfare for US defense contractors.http://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/15/big-us-military-aid-package-to-israel-has-strings-attached.html
Even Scandinavia is ditching socialism.
Do you always white-knight people who have made false rape claims and admitted molesting their siblings? Or just the ones who vote the way you do?
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