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I've gotten into the habit of smoking bone marrow every other Friday and eating it on some bread with a cocktail on the porch. Only takes an hour in the electric smoker and I usually don't even need to season it. I've got it in my head to smoke it thoroughly one time so its pretty soft and use it as the butter for when I cook steak. But I have no idea how it would hold up. Thoughts?
Yes. The wrongful termination is a good point. Quite the obstacle.
What irritated me about the test is a large portion of it is memorizing nomenclature. I passed it, but it seems to focus a lot on memorizing what they think certain process and procedures should be called. Which is good, I suppose, for standardizing parctices in an industry, but I'm not sure if it really works to weed out the unqualified.
MrG and I were discussing last night. The further and further we get from paying someone ourselves, the more reluctant we seem to be to fire people. Recently took a new position and, on day two, had an unusual convo with the CIO CIO: We'd like to transition Rob out of the organization. FLMM: "Transition"? You want to get rid of him? CIO: That's a little direct, but yes. FLMM: When? CIO: Well, I don't want to do it in December, with the holidays, but maybe...
So much this. An email is just another electronic harassment out of hundreds we receive daily. Easy to dismiss. Voice to voice forms a connection.
I'm surprised he hasn't complained to the rabbi and gotten those rules changed.
Snobbery aside, Shiner Ruby Redbird and Corona Light Draft are the best possible bears for the next five months.
Really bizarre. Jimbo pays his assistants a lot and if he stuck around I'm sure head coaching job would have opened up. Not sure why he left, hope he got paid.
What a mess. Jameis is going to come out of the civil trial looking better, her client will look worse, the city about the same, FSU about the same. The city and FSU might throw some hush money, but Winston's attorney is probably looking forward to this. No rape shield in a civil trial. #cleatchasers, the texts to the friend, prior stuff like this is all going to come out. The poor girl really has the worst attorney ever, unless the plan is to play brinksmanship with...
Well......the drinking experience is not that great there: 1. Bars get busy at 11:30, then close at 1:00 am 2. Most bars only accept cash 3. The New England accent is incredibly unattractive on women. "Ohmiyagwuhad, yua shayuldahs ah so brwohad" 4. No drink specials? Seriously? But did do a polar bear plunge in Newport Harbor, drank with a bunch of Navy guys, played soccer in the snow, did the chicken dance with the bride's Portuguese family (portagees love the...
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