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As opposed to the love, peace, and happiness going on in Aleppo.
He says while sitting safely in a comfortable chair thousands of miles away.
This is why I left the CEsspool for a while. The constant nihilistic cynicism. You guys criticize any attempt to make the world better that doesn't conform to your world view. It's sad. Is Kony a problem anymore? No. The Jena 6? No. Rape culture at UVA? No. And that's in no small part due to the efforts of people like me who took to social media to fight the good fight. To speak truth to power.
The Dems have no bench. Their up-and-comers are few and far between. When I saw the mayor (Andrew Gillum) of my city, which is the most violent in Florida and projected to be bankrupt in less than a decade, listed in wikileaks as a considered VP candidate, I cringed. That's not a good sign.As much as I hated the GOP clown car-style approach to the primary, it gave a lot of those jackasses good name recognition. Add to that the GOP's absolute dominance at the state...
They should not nominate white people for presidential races. Look at the turnout statistics, learn your lesson. I hate to see America devolving into tribalism, but I don't see any evidence otherwise. Identity politics sucks.
As organized religion fades away, we're applying the same evolutionary behaviors to political ideology. It's frightening.
Ethan is now telling us we're antisemites for using the term "globalist". Which now means that a jewish person will be loathe to embrace globalism for fear of being a stereotype. Gees, I thought the left only did this kind of oppressive bullshit to racial minorities.Essentially, they're going to be called fascist and racist anyway, so why not make light of it? I don't think that's what they were doing, but, sure it may be possible. In any event, it's extremely stupid...
Yep. Sean Hannity needs to get his teeth kicked in.
Do you think that the moderates get truly outraged and concerned every time the Left cries racist? Because that would be a hell of a lot. Pretty much perpetual outrage. Which sounds more liberal than moderate.
So why the hell should we modify the words we use? Are you adult enough to understand that we don't mean it that way?Jesus, by doing this shit you give those assholes power. You mainstream them.
New Posts  All Forums: