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I'm really confident about the Oregon game. Unfortunately that's probably due to not watching any Pac-10 games rather than an actual talent differential.Bama will slaughter OSU. Then Bama will run the ball down the throats of FSU's young and injury-riddled defensive line and win another championship.
Any decent restaurant's housemade chips, followed by Miss Vickie's, followed by Cape Cod.
Speaking of conferences - the ACC has shat the bed so far. Most of the games have been close, but I think they're 1-4 by a quick scan. Hopefully GaTech, Clemson, and FSU can provide a little redemption.
You mean smoking them? Yeah, you can get the leg bones cut either vertically in half, forming two dugout canoes, or horizontally, forming rings. The rings are much easier to get, as many supermarket chains carry them cut this way. The canoes you usually have to go to a butcher for. Foodies prefer the canoes because you can get more product out of them and they look nicer. But the rings cost, at most, $2.00 per pound, so I'm not sure why materials cost is a big...
I've gotten into the habit of smoking bone marrow every other Friday and eating it on some bread with a cocktail on the porch. Only takes an hour in the electric smoker and I usually don't even need to season it. I've got it in my head to smoke it thoroughly one time so its pretty soft and use it as the butter for when I cook steak. But I have no idea how it would hold up. Thoughts?
Yes. The wrongful termination is a good point. Quite the obstacle.
What irritated me about the test is a large portion of it is memorizing nomenclature. I passed it, but it seems to focus a lot on memorizing what they think certain process and procedures should be called. Which is good, I suppose, for standardizing parctices in an industry, but I'm not sure if it really works to weed out the unqualified.
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