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Yes, the only solution to that problem is to spend $400 more on shoes.
Jbeck, you basically just whipped out a BLT in the Masjid al-Haram. FWIW, I love my seven pairs of AEs, but I think you make a great argument.
Of the dozens of things presented for your signature every day, how many do you actually thoroughly review? I'm finding I can't possibly read all this shit. On a similar note, how many emails do you receive per hour?
Hardest drinking fans I've ever met were Michigan State fans. Their girls were drinking us under the table, FFS.
I see that Urban Meyer's perpetual butthurt disease is spreading across the campus.
Actually, Total Wine and More is in Jacksonville and a step up from ABC. http://www.totalwine.com/eng/storeLocator/redirect.cfm?sectionID=b2c/storeLocator/storeDetails.cfm&storeid=1&locationId=17774&searchAgainLink=/eng/storeLocator/redirect.cfm?sectionID=b2c/storeLocator/storeLocator.cfm&var=d&ckey=US
Drive north to Illinois. Although check out Ice Plant if you haven't already....
I'm really getting irritated by the brown scrubby Southern California hills they try to pass off as Appalachia. For a series that relies heavily on its setting, it's a little jarring to see so many clearly Southern Californian backdrops.
Oh come one, it's not like any of the Florida Gators killed a gu.....oh, wait a minute......
Brad Johnson was a backup in college as well. Played basketball his first three years at FSU. Took up football his sophomore year, started six games as a junior and then got bench in favor of another FSU-QB turned Tampa Bay Buccaneer - Casey Weldon. Started one one game as a senior. Of course, he was drafted in the ninth round, so he wouldn't've been drafted in today's NFL.
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