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It would be nice. I call it Bergeroning in my head, but that's a fairly obscure reference.
I have to say, I love the geographic spread of the likely four playoff teams. Should be a great season. And, FSU might get to play Michigan in the Orange Bowl, which will be fun as hell to go to.
Sen. Ben Saase (R-Neb) gave an excellent talk on this to the Federalist Society. Essentially, now that a guy nominally from "our team" is in the Oval Office, doesn't mean we suddenly need to give up trying to rein in executive power.
This. ive never seen a septuagenarian so addicted to social media, let alone the incoming president. It's embarrassing. He's so petty.
Gotcha. I've seen the deference you accord Wojt with his views in European immigration and should've known you'd consistently respect EthanM and the Middle East. My apologies.
Firefly got a movie, FFS.
I hate to tell you, but that's not just Fox News. That's media in general. "Christians Outraged Over Starbucks Cups" = a facebook group with a few thousand people. That's the time that we're living in. Fox could honestly report that "Some people say that Obama is a member of NAMBLA" because, no doubt, some jackass online thinks that Obama is a member and has posted that. But it happens all the time, on both sides of the aisle.
Because we all know how gentle and respectful Castro's police force was towards minorities. Does BLM realize how oppressive Castro's Cuba is? Do they realize how police treat the citizenry there?Of course they don't. This is just "conservatives hate Castro, so we must love him" childish nonsense.
Four years running.
The Germans are always good for coming up with words to describe sensations that Americans don't seem to have words for. Is there a German word for the feeling that you get when you've been hiking with a heavy pack for a while and then take the pack off and feel bouncy? Like Harrison Bergeron after he takes the weights off? And if there's an English word for it that I just can't think of, please share. Any other language, for that matter. I know it's a long shot, but...
New Posts  All Forums: