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Is it bad that my innate cynicism suspects it was white guys that did it?
I'm not sure if you're serious or not Ethan. In the post directly above yours I listed seven examples of inherited behaviors.
My entry into this discussion was when you affirmed that you believed humans didn't evolve in response to environment. I don't think policy decisions should be based on it, but if you actually believe that humans are the only animal species without evolved behavioral and cognitive differences, I'm not sure what more there is to say. It's like arguing with a creationist or a global warming denier. To believe that, you'd have to believe that:The Ashkenazi Jew average IQ...
Wouldn't it be great if both Clinton and Trump both ate shit and died? Just as probable.
Actually, in my government job, we continue the investigation after the person is gone, and then pursue sanctions, in order to ensure that they can't be rehired doing this kind of work.But she'll just be responsible for national security and the nuclear arsenal, so let's just call it even, eh?
Or GMOs. Or gender differences.
No, keeping Trump would be cutting off our nose. The election's lost anyway. Dumping Trump would show the electorate that we're willing to embrace the 21st century. Keeping him just extends the amount of time we're stuck trying and failing to win with just the angry white vote.Hillary is an ungodly shitty candidate. The problem is that every negative trait she has, Donald has it worse in. The pathological lying, the corruption, the misogyny, etc...
It's not that difficult and it's getting easier every year. They've already isolated a range of behavior genes or gene clusters. And while it's certainly going to end up being a mixture of both (although the hype about epigenetics is proving to be overblown), knowing that you have that gene could lead to positive early interventions.So at what point can we discuss? Ten years? Fifty years? It's an area where the Left is especially anti-science in. I share your concern...
See guys?! She was only extremely careless with national security. Let's give her a promotion!She's the second-shittiest candidate of my lifetime, but she has the extraordinary luck of facing the shittiest.
New Posts  All Forums: