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Oh, sorry, I didn't know that was a real thing. I misinterpreted what you were saying.
Can someone forward that link to Al Qaeda/the Aryan Brotherhood? I'll feel bad for Kendrick, but better overall.
This attitude makes you better than 95% of Hurricanes fans
This might be the best first post ever.
Their punishments are so wildly inconsistent. It really makes them look arbitrary and corrupt.FSU self-reports a cheating episode (involving 150 students and a dozen or so football players). NCAA determines that no one in the administration knew about it. Scholarship reductions, wins vacated, Track & Field National Championship revoked, etc...Oregon gets caught writing a $25,000 check to a friend of two players. Recruiting visits cut from 41 to 37 for two years. One...
YES!!!!I got my MBA at FSU. Pretty good program. Strong in IT and Ops Management. Good in Finance too, but not up to UF's level. Was surprised at how shitty the Org Psych professor was though, that area was real strong when I was in undergrad there.
I'd say you're more at home here than ever. The place is so much more liveable now. Safer. Better.
I tried a few google searches and struck out. You might try posting in SW&D. /And don't mind Bhowie. He's jealous of your swagger.
BTW - I give the label "kaffir lime" ten more years, tops, until it goes the way of "jewfish", "oriental", etc....
New Posts  All Forums: