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Slow moving zombies would never take over the world, for reasons I've mentioned before ad nauseum. So the whole premise is flawed. If you keep watching, you need to accept that the producers and writers are going to have to have some unbelievable shit occur in order for the zombies to be threatening.
Offenses generally improve as the season goes on. Besides, the fact that you think the offense is bad is a pretty good indication it's going to get better.
I think 'Bama's lines are better than ours and I don't see us beating them. I love this team, but I guess I'm too jaded to drink that much Koolaid yet.
Jameis Winston needs contacts, but he's still an amazing football (and baseball) player. Would love it if he led us to an NC and a CWS. The crazy thing is that this was supposed to be something of a rebuilding year. Our top five defensive linemen, best cornerback, best linebacker, a couple of pretty good receivers, and our quarterback all graduated/got drafted last year. I thought next year was going to be the year. And it still might be. We usually have one...
Same here.
How long, exactly, does it take you to write a check? I get my month's bills done in maybe two minutes at most. And you may think you have the option of cancelling etc... but I think you'll find out you've overlooked a lot of fine print when you actually go to do so.
Florida law is such that she gets half of the equity built during our marriage, regardless of whose name is on the deed or how much of the mortgage she paid. I think that's fair and wouldn't have felt right insisting on a prenup to prevent that.I'd advise you to do some preliminary research on the matter. Most states consider assets accumulated before the marriage to not be considered (at least directly) part of the divorce package. So for example, you have a 401(k)...
Yeah, but the fact that he can sit out a season and still have a realistic shot for the draft.... If I were a talented running back, I'd probably do the same thing once I established myself as a legitimate prospect. No reason to get Marcus Lattimored.
Between he and Clowney, I worry that they will start a trend.
Very, very, very good advice.Never mingle finances outside of marriage. If you ever doubt this, spend a day in court watching 50% of the docket being taken up by ex-couples suing each other for expenses, loans, etc... incurred during the relationship.When you get married though, wife is number one. And finances will probably be the most common source of arguments.FWIW - My wife and I have separate accounts, but we have a great deal of trust and are on the same page...
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