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Schweppes Diet Tonic & Hendricks. Add a lime and a cucumber.
To the individual flagging this thread and posts therein (and numerous others) - I guess it needs to be clearly stated - posts or threads involving conservative politics or current events, especially as tangentially as those contained in this thread, are not necessarily verboten outside of the CEsspool. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to keep SF clean, however.
I'm not one of the mods. At least in GC, BCE, EC, and DTs, you haven't had a deleted post since July 2012. I'm disappointed.
37 years old, and I had no idea I may be tying my shoes wrong.
Terrible idea if you intend to stay at the company. Did it once, almost twice. Never again.
Jameis Winston in 2014. Book it. And he'll be a Golden Spikes Award Candidate. There are also rumors he's almost finished on a cure for cancer.
Oh, sorry, I didn't know that was a real thing. I misinterpreted what you were saying.
Can someone forward that link to Al Qaeda/the Aryan Brotherhood? I'll feel bad for Kendrick, but better overall.
This attitude makes you better than 95% of Hurricanes fans
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