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Maybe in 20 years, but not right now. FFS, you have Hillary Clinton actually making a joke at a speech, recently, that if "Gandhi were alive today he'd work at a 7-11". And she's the current Democratic frontrunner for 2016.I'll save you the effort, Jack Smith, and flag this post myself.
I got about a hundred pages in. It's back on my shelf. And I LOVE Florida History.
I plodded through that. I'm a big history buff, but that was a waste of time.
That really wasn't my best side.
I wipe mine with my massive schlong. That's in no way gay, it just shows how alpha I am. Really.
Outer Dark is probably my second favorite book of his. Completely demented, but really good.
Just finished McCarthy's screenplay The Counselor. First book of his I've been unimpressed with.
Outer Dark
The NCAA is just trying to do the right thing. The association of alcohol with college sports is just ludicrous, indulged by only a deviant few. I know the NCAA, if it could, would ban the consumption of alcohol before games (which would also increase attendance). But it can't, so it's at least making the powerful gesture of trying to rename this game.
New Posts  All Forums: