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Yeah, but how long is that an excuse for? Hopefully the negative feedback will drive change in his behavior. However, I do think we expect WAYYYY too much out of the twenty-year old males populating our favorite sports teams.
I love my neighborhood. Right downtown, but we have this big ass nature preserve across the street from us, so no neighbors across the street peering in. We're all really tight and look out for each other, without being all up in each other's stuff. It's great. I know everyone's name for a block each way.
Public pools have no etiquette.
+1 on no grizzlies in CA. It's simply not an issue. The High Sierras are great. Might also consider the Black Hills if you want solitude and a little bit closer.
Oh and the ACC is putrid. Clemson's our best team. Clemson. FSU will likely finish in the top 15. After that, who? Miami's going to suck. Syracuse, Pitt, VaTech, UNC? There's no one.
We lost a ton of starters (eleven guys drafted) - our entire defensive line, a linebacker, our best corner, our quarterback, our best receiver, etc... Don't have a great feeling. In two years we'll be greatm not so sure about this year.
There's no way the idiot that wrote that Yelp review can afford $300 meals regularly.
Probably me. There were a bunch of kitchen threads the filter didn't catch this morning and I probably clicked on Things as I was deleting them all. My apologies to you all.
New Posts  All Forums: