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Jersey trash, Queens trash, aside from a slightly less obnoxious accent, I'm not sure there's much of a difference.
Trump is baffling. The guy's a lecher, lies pretty much constantly, is pro-choice, and proudly states he's never asked God for forgiveness, arguably the second most-important practice/tenet of Christianity. And yet, the evangelicals still support him. Says things like Mexicans are rapists, Muslims should all be barred from coming in, and the Pope's a weakling, but then says he doesn't want to jump to conclusions about the KKK. And most black conservatives I know, when...
To channel Heraclitus, the "end of the party as we know it" occurs at least every election cycle. Trump is liberal in actions, and a pretty unabashed racist. I'm embarrassed 35% of my party supports him. If we have to go forward without that crowd, I think it benefits us in the long-term.
I wish I remembered who you were so I could have a snappy comeback. I don't bother to visit or post a lot. It's just been depressing, if not surprising, to see so many "liberals" roll over for the police state after bitching about it (and rightly so) for eight years of Bush.
If a Republican were in the White House, this would be a huge fucking issue. As it should be.
Yeah, I'm sure this happened. Sounds legit.
She'll sweep the South.
To quote Chris Matthews - explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?The DNC isn't against Bernie because of some philosophical stance. They're against him because he can't win, especially in the South.
I obviously hate Ted Cruz, but my baby daughter already does that to me sometimes. I imagine when she's a teenager she'll do that a hell of a lot more.
I'm genuinely sorry. Hadn't picked up on that. I'll let the others have the last word and move along.
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