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When they came for the year-round fresh blueberries, I said nothing....
Canada, always the cuckold.
He's American. Not sure what othering you're referring to specifically, but I'm sure some folks are trying to use his Latin ethnicity as indication he fails some imaginary True American litmus test.
I fly into/out of that airport about once a month. It's actually a pretty nice one and it sucks it happened there. Checking guns is something any hunter or law enforcement officer is going to have to do. Of course, those two groups are persona non grata amongst the thinking class, but we can't just ban checking guns in luggage.
Secretary Clayface has issued a warning: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/john-kerry-warns-some-of-trumps-foreign-policy-could-be-explosive/ "Explosive" how? Iran getting nukes explosive? China conquering the South China Sea explosive? Syria in ruins explosive? Russia shooting down passenger planes and conquering Crimea explosive? Please, Secretary Botox-couldn't-even-come-close-to-beating-George-Bush, tell us all about the dangers of Trump's foreign policy. (Sorry,...
I finally watched the video, at least part of it (I can't stomach this type of stuff anymore). What's sick to me is that the people doing it aren't angry. They're not acting out of anger. They're laughing. They're doing it for fun, like burning ants with a magnifying glass. There's no rage against the machine, no angry protest, just apathy and a complete lack of compassion. It's terrifying. Also, one of the people charged is a mother of two children.
The Latino and Muslim ones only reinforce the very stereotypes they're trying to debunk. Its like freaking out every time a black person and "watermelon" are mentioned in the same sentence.
Poor Turkey.
I'm sure if Bonnie & Clyde or Charles Starkweather had been alive to day, they would have live tweeted or streamed their entire escapade. And I'm sure some people would have cheered them.
New Posts  All Forums: