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A line staff person would have likely been fired for doing that even with non-classified emails. I can't believe anyone is actually defending her on this, especially after the incredibly lame excuses she's offered up, including expecting people to believe she thought "wiping" her computer meant cleaning it with a rag. Actually, I can believe it, because some people are mindless partisans no matter what. I'm obviously conservative, but if a Democrat has to win, I want it...
Most of them. I have a permit. Almost never carry.
Is your humongous penis going to fit in those pants? And aren't you worried about the two supermodels you're bringing smearing their makeup on your jacket?
I suspect if we got rid of all the drugs, there would be no more drug overdoses.And I like how you phrased it as "massacres" and not murders, thus dodging an analysis of the effect of the ban on the crime rate. Clumsy, but still pretty cute. You're showing some signs of life, I like it.
I'm sure Ethan and Mouse would agree that to protect American lives we surely need to criminalize drug use even more, in addition to taking all of the guns.
Neither does Houston.
I was going to go, but now have a wedding to go to. A wedding on New Year's Eve.
I fucking hate when we get paired up against a shitty non-power 5 team. Last time it was Northern Illinois, whose alleged Heisman contender quarterback (Jordan Lynch, who I'm pretty sure did my tire rotation last week) said, with a straight face, something to the effect of "I don't think Florida State has seen a team with our kind of speed all year."Final score was 31-10, should've been worse. Houston should be more of a challenge, but still....I'll be surprised if it's...
Isn't this whole blood-for-oil thing a little obsolete? The amount of oil the US imports has plummeted. And what we do import, only 16% is from the Persian Gulf. Using this logic, we'd be invading and/or trying to destabilize Canada, if anything.
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