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I can't believe you're sticking to this nonsense. After his "meh, I think I'll keep sitting" protest he still has a multi-million dollar job as a backup quarterback. His jersey is now the top-selling jersey in league (the proceeds of which, to his credit, he's donating to charity). He's seen an outpouring of support from the media and fans.Tommie Smith and John Carlos had death threats in a time when a "death threat" wasn't just a vague allusion on an anonymous social...
That's spreading to sports radio too. It's a mess. Cowherd, Bomani, LeBetard just do clickbait all day. No attempt at research, just coming up with a trolling idea and basing a show around it. Peyton Manning is underrated. Or the Pirates logo is misogynistic. Or Latin players feel excluded from the NFL. Or Arian Foster is better than Barry Sanders. Just stupid arguments and navel-gazing all day long.
I feel sorry for the complete fucking idiot that liked your comment.Do you honestly think that two amateur athletes raising their fists on the gold medal stage at the Olympics in the 60's is even remotely comparable to a multimillionaire backup quarterback not standing for the anthem? Are you joking? Two people faced death threats and racial epithets when they arrived home. The other person saw their jersey sales rise to 3rd in the league.And nobody even noticed CK's...
It's truly a delight looking at all the memes Ole Miss fans were posting at halftime. And this man looks exactly like my high school football coach. Worst choke I've seen since the "Choke at the Doak". All misguided bragging aside, this is classic Jimbo Fisher. He's a great coach, but he's too worried about how his gameplan is being implemented in the first half to focus on anything else. I can't remember a time we made it to the 2:00 minute mark of the first half...
How much longer do you think the FBI will collect this data? I don't think it would last another Democratic president's term.
The perfect millennial protest. Remaining sitting. It's about the only thing that takes less effort than clicking "like" on that Anti-Kony Facebook page. Well done, Colin.
Can we declare open borders a success yet?
She could pick Osama Bin Laden, Jr. as her VP pick and still win. Why not pick some schlub who won't take any of the spotlight she so desperately craves?
Take the trucks and the axes. Take all of them.
I think we can all agree our immigration policy is absolutely ridiculous. It needs to be destroyed and rebuilt, but it's government, so good luck with that.
New Posts  All Forums: