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I hope it stays that way.
Or even at Duke, when he took the team photo - players, trainers, coaches, everyone - celebrating their first ACC title in UNC end zone (who they'd just beaten 41-0), with the scoreboard in the background. http://www.wralsportsfan.com/steve-spurrier-s-days-at-duke/14969967/He was a master troll. At USCe, after beating Clemson (again), "They've got a good team, but continue to not play very well when they play us for some reason."
You could argue he's the greatest coach in the history of three schools. Add the fact that he won the Heisman and you've got a very impressive resume.
The backup is decent though. But I wouldn't be surprised if he's suspended again at some point down the road either.
He apparently showed up for work drunk.
I was accepted to UF but chose to go to FSU. I also considered Georgia State, but I have a bad back and can't stand in front of a deep fryer all day.In some ways. But everyone at FSU has friends at UF and vice versa. Not so at Miami, where their fans have traditionally not attended the school (or any other).And at the actual games, the Miami v. FSU hate is the worst of anything I've ever seen. In the 2001 game, when UM won handily and ruined a promising season, there...
There's traffic, but not too bad.
Miami and it's not even close. It's truly as out of the country you can get without leaving the mainland. I'm not big on South Beach, but there is a great fried chicken place there (Yardbird).
The crazy thing to me was how dishonest the NYT's coverage was. one of the first articles said she'd been drugged, when it was already public that the tox report was negative. Really kinda scary.Another thing that came out was how fucked up policing was. I read a story about how athletes frequently have their charges dropped (imagine that, when you get an attorney, you don't get as many charges). In Tallahassee, 50% of men between the ages of 18-23 have their charges...
No way I could everPull it offUnbelievableCrazy look just really
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