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Florida State is clearly the best team in the nation.
THIS. Police should never shoot first. They need to wait until the "civilian" demonstrates aggressive intent by pointing the gun at them or actually pulling the trigger. That's what body armor's for.
I was hoping this was sitcoms. I frequently lament how I know the lyrics to the theme songs of all those shows but forget simple stuff I learned in law school.
He wrote a non-fiction book about Disney that's hilarious. It's really short but worth a look. He's also an incredibly entertaining speaker.I believe I mentioned him in the unexpected encounters with celebrities thread (where the hell did that thread go, by the way?) years ago - I'd met him a few times through work and he always gives a talk at the Miami International Book Fair. A long time ago (late 90's) I stopped in on the talk and was leaning against a wall, in...
Well, GSU played really well, so maybe not too long.That game was really depressing, but at the end of the day, it's just football.
Love Hiassen. Also check out Tim Dorsey (fiction) and Jeff Klinkenberg (non).
If we're scrutinizing the reparations that we already pay and asking for more, can we start with affirmative action for white hispanics like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz? They come from countries where being white is a benefit, this benefit gives them the resources to come to America, and then they receive preferences designed to remedy the exact system they themselves benefited from. It's ludicrous.
Please give a citation to rebut my outpouring of support comment. The fact is that he, a back-up quarterback who was once good but became a bit of a team cancer, now has the league's best selling jersey, well in front of everyone else.And please also try to quantify your claim that the death threats that Kaepernick has received are equal to what Carlos and Smith received. Black civil rights leaders were actually getting assassinated when they did what they did.What...
Holy hell. Lee Child's Jack Reacher books were always a guilty pleasure but the last three I've read/tried to read have just been awful. Ridiculous plot holes, lazy writing, just really bad. Didn't even bother finishing Make Me and Bad Luck and Trouble was as stupid as its title. Last week - Extreme Prey, a Lucas Davenport book by John Sandford was good as always. Grunt by Mary Roach (she also wrote Bonk, a neat book about sex). She's a little too cute sometimes,...
If this is what you actually believe my post says, then just stop reading my posts.If you understand that it's not what my post says and are just using a lazy logical fallacy to be right-thinking, at least spice it up with pictures, like NorCal did. Otherwise it's just a rather unimaginative cherry-picked strawman.
New Posts  All Forums: