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Rereading The Tommyknockers by Stephen King and starting The Fireman by his son Joe Hill. Tommyknockers gets a lot of criticism, but I'm really enjoying (it's been at least 20 years since I read it). Beats the hell out of 11/22/63.
That's my normal reading pace. Has been ever since I can remember. And I absorb it. The benefits of having two bookstore owners as parents and no friends to distract me as a child.
Ethan is nothing if not consistent.
Depends on the subject matter. If it's John Grisham, I can do about 90-100 pages per hour. If it's something with more meat, around 70-80. Grief Observed took me forever, but I found it extremely thought provoking. I've always been a really fast reader - was the second person done on the Bar Exam, (but certainly not the highest scoring). It's kind of funny at work because subordinates hand me things to read and I read them and hand them back and they don't believe I...
The ESPN Hype Machine Wheel has apparently landed on Texas A&M as an up-and-coming national championship contender. The same Texas A&M team that was taken to double overtime by a Tennessee team that committed seven turnovers.
Had a lot of airport time this last week so I finished: Sapiens by Harari. Sort of Guns, Germs, and Steel but less overtly political and apologetic. Interesting book, but rehashes the Neo-Luddite Jared Diamond idiocy that hunter-gatherers are superior and we should abandon modern society and get back to hunting and gathering. The Difference Engine by Gibson and Stirling. Something about Stirling's writing nags at me. It's like he's repeating himself or something. ...
Florida State is clearly the best team in the nation.
THIS. Police should never shoot first. They need to wait until the "civilian" demonstrates aggressive intent by pointing the gun at them or actually pulling the trigger. That's what body armor's for.
I was hoping this was sitcoms. I frequently lament how I know the lyrics to the theme songs of all those shows but forget simple stuff I learned in law school.
He wrote a non-fiction book about Disney that's hilarious. It's really short but worth a look. He's also an incredibly entertaining speaker.I believe I mentioned him in the unexpected encounters with celebrities thread (where the hell did that thread go, by the way?) years ago - I'd met him a few times through work and he always gives a talk at the Miami International Book Fair. A long time ago (late 90's) I stopped in on the talk and was leaning against a wall, in...
New Posts  All Forums: