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What an asshole.
Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.
Less of a war movie though. The actual movie is just him against a bunch of Nat'l Guardsmen.
Damn it. Didn't catch that.
I don't like including Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, and Predator, but did so anyway.
Vote and/or discuss.
Yep. We need to either accept that there are going to be some missed calls, or we can have 5 hour games. I'd prefer some missed calls. Went to sleep in the second quarter. And it makes going to games a six or seven hour time commitment, including travel/parking, and that's without tailgating. Nope.I'm not optimistic. Our offensive line is trash and 'Bama's is ridiculously good. I'd give us a 40% chance.
I honestly don't think that with some silly "we're losing everything we have!" mindset. I just read it a lot, especially older books (17 and 1800's) and it's funny to me how our perceptions and values have changed and how the narrative of the past is crafted. And it's fun to think about what people in the future will think (Chuck Klosterman has written an interesting book about this exact thing).Klosterman's best example is that rock and rap will be like jazz or...
If anyone doubts that whites have some Neanderthal DNA, I think Ron Perlman is strong evidence for it.
Off topic, I give it a 50/50 chance that in a hundred years they'll be tearing down all the statues of football coaches. For reasons like "football was a violent exploitation of minorities for the benefit of white males." Oddly enough, if I'm somehow alive, I won't be too upset about it.
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