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So it was only 275 million pounds per week instead of 350 million? That's your big Gotcha?
Maybe have all the citizens undergo diversity training? Of course, if you're Muslim and the diversity training offends you, you shouldn't have to go.
Human nature. Witness the people who move here from socialist countries that want to make this country more socialist. Or the city folks who move to rural areas and immediately want to make it more urban. Patterns are hard to break.
Clearly, this Paris-style attack could have easily been prevented with Paris-style gun control.
You're getting awfully worked up over the government forcing people to work to make things they otherwise wouldn't make. What's the big deal?Of course, we are debating this in a thread about a proud supporter of eminent domain for commercial purposes, so it's not all that off-subject.
Oh come on now, there are lots of conservative comedians. A handful are even intentionally so.
Sure, it's conservatives that are obsessed with labeling and classifying everyone. Those state constitutional amendments to keep the government from classifying people by race? Liberals love those.It's hard to believe what people will type with a straight face.
They should make one for human services.You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.Unless you're HHS. Then you spend $500 billion a year encouraging him to have a drink of water and hope maybe his grandkids' grandkids will finally get off of the public dole.
Not to mention the lack of medical care left him crippled the rest of his life and with hellacious scarring.
http://gizmodo.com/bring-on-the-men-sweden-sees-male-surplus-for-first-ti-1779476443 Enjoy the rape!
New Posts  All Forums: