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Good call on the ignore for the Kid. Much better now. I hate Urban Meyer, but I'm afraid that Oregon won't be able to stop the running game. FSU was running the ball at will, they were just fumbling as they did it. OSU should do the same.
Yeah, it was totally crazy to expect OSU to get blown out by an SEC team. What was I thinking?And if you think bullshit rape accusations and legitimate shoplifting charges are bad, wait till Urban "retires to spend time with family" again. Florida led the NCAA in arrests while he was there, and currently has a former player on trial for killing at least three people. Will be nice to see the aftermath when he leaves OSU
Winston is registered for classes. Interesting
It's comical at this point. Can we switch to a running clock?
Goddamnitsomuch. Self-inflicted
I'm really confident about the Oregon game. Unfortunately that's probably due to not watching any Pac-10 games rather than an actual talent differential.Bama will slaughter OSU. Then Bama will run the ball down the throats of FSU's young and injury-riddled defensive line and win another championship.
Any decent restaurant's housemade chips, followed by Miss Vickie's, followed by Cape Cod.
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