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What is the basis for this hypothesis? Is there a reason you are issuing this rather bold statement? I swear, every few yearis someone declares that the forum is dead. Is you think it is dead, just post more.
I see Rick Perry has entered the race. I've met him in person a few times. He comes across very well on television.
He's gotten a shitload of money (or at the very least a two year loan at 0%) in return for sending a few emails and making a few posts. I'd hardy call that delusional.The people who think he's actually going to deliver, on the other hand....
This thread has convinced me that I need to develop a multi-level marketing clothing company.
This is an excellent post and excellent advice.
Gotten into politics, so I meet a lot of politicians and won't get into all that. But a few months ago my wife and I went to Jacksonville Beach to see Ryan Bingham (from the Crazy Heart movie) play at this beach bar. Opening act was great - really energetic, and had a lot of female fans. Anyway, wife left midway through the main act, I stayed the whole time. Was a bit in my cups, and hungry, so I went to grab some food. Go to a mexican place and sit at the bar, right...
The same reason that shopping at Target is more virtuous than shopping at Walmart. Social differentiation.Again, I love nice shoes and own quite a few. But they are in no way a good investment, medically necessary, or any other of the silly reasons we give to justify our pavonine purchasing habits.
Yes, the only solution to that problem is to spend $400 more on shoes.
Jbeck, you basically just whipped out a BLT in the Masjid al-Haram. FWIW, I love my seven pairs of AEs, but I think you make a great argument.
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