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Yep. We need to either accept that there are going to be some missed calls, or we can have 5 hour games. I'd prefer some missed calls. Went to sleep in the second quarter. And it makes going to games a six or seven hour time commitment, including travel/parking, and that's without tailgating. Nope.I'm not optimistic. Our offensive line is trash and 'Bama's is ridiculously good. I'd give us a 40% chance.
Hopefully, they'll cut our mental health care system to do so.
Which is why we'll likely get a second term of Trump. The public will begin to tune it out. It's like being called "racist". It's been used by the Left to describe virtually every interracial interaction over the last few decades, which is the main reason why no one really gave a shit when a real racist would up as a serious presidential candidate. If everyone's racist, then no one is.The media is already trying to blow up fairly mundane things ("Trump went out for...
Love the jobs but wow are their cars absolute pieces of garbage. I rarely make a fuss, but every time Avis or Enterprise tries to give me a FiatChrysler car I'm like "hell no!" Fiats are utter crap and Chrysler is racing behind them./Off topic, but, let's face it, this thread is a solipsistic wasteland
I love ya Piob, but if you were in complete poverty as a child, why be a dick and belittle someone's 1500 pound bonus? I grew up rather modestly myself, now make six figures, and certainly wouldn't begrudge a bonus like that, much less belittle someone for mentioning it in an anecdote.(awaiting belittlement for stating my income, which I know is a pittance for all the ballers who post on this forum).
When they came for the year-round fresh blueberries, I said nothing....
Canada, always the cuckold.
He's American. Not sure what othering you're referring to specifically, but I'm sure some folks are trying to use his Latin ethnicity as indication he fails some imaginary True American litmus test.
I fly into/out of that airport about once a month. It's actually a pretty nice one and it sucks it happened there. Checking guns is something any hunter or law enforcement officer is going to have to do. Of course, those two groups are persona non grata amongst the thinking class, but we can't just ban checking guns in luggage.
New Posts  All Forums: