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I would put Zegna ties in the High End. I have a Zegna 7-fold and I think it is better than the Kiton 7-fold ties.
If you are relatively new to Swiss watches, I would recommend reading some of the dedicated watch forums. There is a lot of information out there. A good swiss watch can last many decades if you take good care of it and get it serviced regularly. Note that getting one of these watches serviced is not cheap so keep that it mind. I don't think there is a reason to buy it from Switzerland unless you want to get a new watch model before it arrives in the US or you want...
Get an open weave fabric, like the JJ Minnis Fresco.
Quote: Originally Posted by fedexboxes hello, I need a suit in a couple of days for an interview. This will be my first suit purchase and wanted to know where i should look, what brand, style and color to look for. What seems to be the concensus on the good quality/value suits? Also, what range should i be looking at? I'd rather not spend 1k, but would spend $500 if the value is much better than say $250. So, far i've tried on a black calvin klein...
You may be able to negotiate a 10-15% discount and not paying tax (VAT or US state sales tax) may give you additional savings. Try stopping by Bucheron and see what kind of discount they can offer you.
I like to reserve my rubber sole shoes for poor weather and casual shoes. I hate it when I am wearing leather soled dress shoes and it is raining outside.
Is the jacket more blue or more gray? First photo seems like blue and second photo gray.
If you live close to a BB retail store, I would recommend stopping by and trying on the Fitzgerald, Regent and Madison in your size and see how they fit. They often have 1818 suits on sale for 2 for $1499 and often can get 30% off of that during friends & family promotions. Once in a blue moon, they will have a 50% off sale which is probably the best you are going to get and better if you can add a coupon on top of it. If you only want to get 1818 suits, I wouldn't...
Interesting they have wool pants made in China and Thailand. I thought BB contracted with a new factory in the US to make their pants, but perhaps that was just rumors. I have been pretty happy with my "Made in Canada" gabs.
Quote: Originally Posted by BostonElitist How does the 8 last differ from the 0 last, in your opinion? Someone told me that the 0 and Executive-2 lasts are both long and pointy. The 8 last is definitely wider than the 0 last. It may even be a full width difference, IMO. The Boston is a nice looking Monk.
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