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As the body type of Americans and Europeans are quite different, there is not much of a market for 36L (or even a 36R) in the US. I have seen a 36L Isaia jacket in Europe though.
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen Shell shoes may not be on sale but the shell belts - in black, burgandy and tan (that, from the photo, looks very much like whiskey) are. Do these only come in gold-colored buckles?
Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831 How much does Chan currently charge for a jacket in either Minnis Fresco or H&S Crispaire? Around $1000-$1100. Patrick likes the H&S Crispaire better than the Minnis Fresco. He says that Crispaire suits/jackets are more comfortable as the fabric has a little more give and the fabric has a nicer hand and wrinkles less than the Minnis. He was referring to the "new" Crispaire book.
Costco used to carry Creed on their online store, but have not seen them recently.
I agree that the Daytona is a classic watch. Why would anyone think any differently of an interview candidate wearing this watch? I would say the candidate has good taste. If the interviewer was able to recognize the Daytona watch, then they both obviously have common knowledge about fine watches and could even talk about it, as we know that non-watch enthusiasts would have no idea what a Daytona is or looks like.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel I won't be seeing Patrick this time around. However, they always seem to have the Glorious Twelfth book along. Given a choice between those fabrics, I would most strongly recommend the Hardy Worsted Alsport. A jacket I had made from the Glorious Twelfth fabric developed shiny elbows after a very limited amount of use. I've given my Hardy Worsted Alsport jacket a fair amount of wear over the past year, and it looks...
The Strand definitely is different enough from the Fifth Avenue so that having the same color would be in those shoes would be OK. Getting your thirs AE shoe in Merlot would be a nice mix also. Also have you considered the Strand in Walnut?
Does anyone know if Chan brought the P&H Glorious Twelfth or Hardy Worsted Alsport books on this tour?
Zegna fabric is OK, but it's really the fit that matters. Have you tried on the suit to see if it fits?
A BB SA once told me that for casual wear, the boys XL is equivalent to the mens S.
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